Dispatch services play an essential and significant role in the work of transport companies, according to this company. They are intermediaries between the client who needs to send the cargo and the transport company or owner-operator who delivers this cargo. Dispatchers, in their work, manage everything that may be related to the delivery of goods. From communicating with customers to planning a route for a trucker. Also, with their help, your company can guarantee the client that his cargo will arrive in complete safety at the right time and at the right place. Without these specialists, managing the entire delivery chain is very difficult and almost impossible if you have other responsibilities. 

That is why we are sure that dispatching services are needed by any transport company that wants to optimize its processes and focus on business management. For this purpose, dispatchers are hired, who will take away from you the executive work of coordinating deliveries. Let’s talk about this in more detail in this article.

What is a dispatch service, and what does it do?

Dispatch service is a team of professional dispatchers who receive and transmit information. For example, they accept data and wishes from the client and transmit them to the trucker in the form of delivery dates, routes, and requirements for securing the cargo. Or for example, dispatchers receive a request from the owner-operator for payment for work, and the specialist transmits this in the form of an invoice to the client. In fact, the dispatching service has a lot of responsibilities. We will look at the most key ones.

  • Route planning

The dispatch service should be perfectly versed in the laws of different states and in the rules of the road, which prohibit the movement of trucks on some roads. Dispatchers should also take into account weather conditions, repair work, and dead spots from which the truck will not leave. All this allows them to plan the most efficient and convenient route for the trucker.

  • Communication with truckers and solving problems on the road

The dispatch service is in touch with the trucker 24/7 in case he needs help or something goes wrong. Also, unforeseen accidents often happen on the road, which slows down the delivery time and delays the cargo. The dispatcher must solve these problems remotely with minimal losses for the company and for the client.

  • Communication with customers and search for new

ones The dispatch service is always on the lookout for new cargo for your company. This service is beneficial for novice owner-operators who still need to get regular customers. So, specialists find new cargoes and negotiate terms and payments with customers.

  • Invoicing and reporting

The duties of the dispatch service include monitoring the timely payment of cargo transportation services. This means that they need to compile and send an invoice to the client. And to monitor the work and performance of the transport company, dispatchers also make short reports on each route.

Do you need dispatch services if you are the owner-operator? 

To answer this question as honestly as possible, you need to identify problematic topics for your business. It may take you a lot of time to find new cargo or manage drivers. Or you yourself want to combine your work as an owner-operator with the work of a trucker. Once you identify the problematic issues, you can look at the list of dispatching service responsibilities. If their duties cover your need, then you need their services. If your problems are entirely far from dispatching, then, apparently, you need other specialists and solutions.

How to find a good dispatch service?

If you have decided on your need for dispatch services, then another problem arises. how do you choose specialists who will definitely help your business? There are many services on the market that are ready to work with owner-operators, but not all of them are as good as it seems. What should I pay attention to when choosing a dispatch service? 

1. Reputation of specialists

In order to understand whether the dispatching service has a good reputation, ask your colleagues and other specialists in cargo transportation. Look at independent reviews on various forums to choose the right company. 

2. Work experience

Choose those dispatchers who have been working on the market for a long time and have helped many owners-operators. Of course, the duration of work only sometimes indicates exceptional quality. But it’s still an essential factor.

3. Find out about the payment method for dispatchers’ work

Some dispatching services work at a rate, some take payment for working hours. We recommend paying attention to those specialists who take a percentage from the delivery of goods. After all, then you will be benefitting and the dispatchers. It will be in their interests to find a profitable cargo for you so that it will bring them good earnings.