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These digital spinner wheels will engage students and are an excellent way to teach social emotional learning and coping strategies. Perfect for distance learning sessions as well as teletherapy treatments.


Inventors offer their work for commercialization under patent agreements; these patents typically expire after 17 years to prevent long-term monopolies. Had Hettinger been able to renew hers, she might now be reaping immense financial rewards as manufacturers and retailers sell spinners that she invented.

Hettinger may not have become rich from her invention, but she remains satisfied with its success. She believes in the principles of her patent system – designed to encourage innovation by rewarding those who share their work – which aims to encourage innovation through rewarding inventors who share it and believes the new wave of fidget spinners is evidence that this work is paying off. Likewise, Hettinger remains hopeful that her original concept can survive the fidget spinner fad; though unlikely given that her garage contains hundreds of prototypes that have yet to sell well but she remains hopeful they could thrive and still make an impressionful statement.


Recently, fidget spinners have become a widespread trend among children and adults. While some teachers and parents view them as distractions, others see them as an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety.

These digital spinners can help with classroom management and occupational therapy teletherapy sessions when displayed on a smartboard or personal device, as well as social emotional learning activities, icebreakers and more.

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Digital spinner wheels provide an engaging way for students to practice fine motor skills. By clicking randomly to start and stop the wheel, students learn fine motor coordination. Once it stops spinning, students draw what the arrow points toward. Plus, these spinners can easily be shared across your LMS – ideal for classroom meetings, OT teletherapy sessions, student-centric activities and student meetings!

This collection features social emotional digital spinners that address topics such as self regulation, emotions and expectations. Ideal for use during therapy sessions; can also be used remotely as distance learning activities displayed on smart boards or computer screens; this download also contains printable graphing activities.

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This collection of 15 digital spinner wheels includes various shapes, sizes and patterns for students to draw. Perfect for use during teletherapy and distance learning sessions as well as most LMSs like Google Classroom, Schoology Canvas or Microsoft Teams; text can be edited easily with each spinner being fully customizable! They are easily shared between parents, students and colleagues as they can be accessed via any internet-connected device.