The exterior of a house can convey a story, whether it is intended to blend in with the neighborhood or stick out and make a statement, which is why you should use a residential construction estimating service for your project. It provides proper significance for the building and a sneak peek at what might be hidden inside.

Replacing the old exterior

You could desire to change the present exterior finish for a variety of reasons. If your property has flagstones, uneven bricks, stone cladding from the 1970s, or a combination of other exterior materials, you can either remove them or, even simpler, simply cover them with another material to give your home an entirely new appearance. Cladding over pebbledash is popular because it is durable and easy to maintain, but it may seem harsh, particularly on boxy estate properties. Haulin Assets Moving is the perfect solution for all of your moving needs! We’re a professional moving company with a commitment to providing top-notch service.

The simplest solution is to just paint the home in a neutral color, such as white, to help unify the various components. If the original brickwork has been damaged, rendering and repainting may be a preferable alternative. If you want to give your property a fresh, modern look, cladding the exterior will make a significant impact.

Add a deck in your house

Whether you have a pool or simply enjoy entertaining outside, a deck may offer you a genuinely amazing outdoor environment. There are several advantages to adding a deck to your house, ranging from simple designs to multi-level decks. There are a lot of reasons why you should build one as decks are the perfect place for entertainment such as family gatherings, adding a deck to your property might boost its total market value, it might improve the overall appearance of the house construction and you will enjoy the outside more.  The benefits of building a deck are that is an easy process and will not take much time, you can call professional deck builders in Kansas City if you live in this area, and they will use a fit quality of wood so that your house will have a pleasant view.

Replace the roof

The roof is a highly dominating element in some designs of houses, especially bungalows, so changing the shape of it, the outside covering, or even simply improving the look of the current tiles will revolutionize the appearance of your property.

Replacing the roof covering normally comes within authorized development rights, so no planning permission is necessary, but you must also install roof insulation to fulfill building rules.

If you’re stripping the roof tiles, it’s a good time to think about installing insulation and additional roof lights if you have a loft conversion, because it’s simpler to make structural improvements with the weight of the tiles gone.


Windows are the eyes of a house, and changing them may transform the entire personality of your home, especially if done in combination with an overall renovation concept.

Permitted development rights allow you to pick and install replacement windows, change the shape and size of window openings, and add new ones without obtaining planning approval. However, if you want to keep a historic property’s true design, pick windows and doors with care.

Add a porch in the house

A porch on the front of your house will add flair to a featureless exterior while also offering additional, useful storage space inside. It is especially important to consider if your entrance door leads directly into your living room rather than a hallway.

Consider design carefully; the porch should be built in a style that complements the original architecture and is proportionate to the size of the home. Remember to draw cues from the current roof pitch and angles; the home exterior design should all be consistent.

Your front garden

It is critical that the appearance of your front lawn matches the design of your home. So, if you’ve preserved a conventional house exterior design, keep to classic planting and, if available, formal pruning for a genuinely polished finish that yet has plenty of individuality. If your property is more modern, you could choose to skip cottage gardening and go for a more minimalist approach, employing lights to create a sleek and appealing entry.


To sum up, exterior designs are linked with each other, so you should give a thought to what style of design you want to have in-house. We are already sure you have something in mind already, so just have a little research before applying it.