Cricket is the most popular sport in India. The sport has been followed by people across all age groups for several decades. The popularity of Cricket is unparalleled as compared to other sports in India as the followers of the sport has been growing each and every day. Due to the rising popularity of cricket in India, the sport has flourished enormously in the segment of fantasy sports. The conceptualization of fantasy Sports reportedly emerged first in the United State of America (USA), but gradually made its way into India and became popular. Fantasy sports, especially fantasy cricket, have become people’s daily lives as a source of entertainment and engagement.

Fantasy cricket is a phenomenon that has been associated with Indian cricket fans over the last few years. It came into existence over a decade ago, but became popular in the past few years. During the 2020 Lockdown period, Fantasy Cricket platforms noticed a significant increase in the numbers of users playing the game and since then, more and more people started getting inclined towards it. Fantasy cricket is a platform where the cricket enthusiasts or users can create their own team of 11 players and win exciting cash rewards by defeating the opponents in the contest or league. Furthermore, users can demonstrate their skills about the game by playing fantasy cricket, Fantasy Cricket is a skill based game that requires a lot of mental application and knowledge while picking up the players in your team.

Fantasy cricket is a big opportunity for the users to make money. Along with showcasing their cricketing skills, they can take home the money earned from playing fantasy cricket. Many cricket enthusiasts play fantasy cricket as a pastime activity, but others could use this as an opportunity to make money. If you have enough knowledge and skills about cricket then this game is not less than an opportunity to earn money. The experienced users make fantasy cricket as their full-time or professional career to make money. If you want to make money, then you need to download an app for this. You need to go to Google or Firefox and search ‘fantasy cricket app’ and download the app. Make sure that you authenticate the application before downloading it. After downloading the app, you need to fill up details including name, phone number, email id and bank account. 

However, you might have played fantasy cricket before and therefore, it is important to read the instructions. The instructions will guide you how to play the game. When you know the instructions of the game, then it becomes easier for you to understand and play fantasy cricket. When you understand the game, then chances of winning the game increases. Before playing fantasy cricket, you select a league or contest. Each league has its own entry fee. If you are a novice in fantasy cricket, then it is recommended to pick a league that has less entry fee, so that you won’t lose a lot of money. 

After picking a league, you need to create a team of 11 years in fantasy cricket. Your team should comprise four batters, two all-rounders, a wicketkeeper and four bowlers. Before picking a team, make sure that you go through players’ details and their current performances. Randomly picking up the players will lead to losing the contest as well as the money. Your winning will be dependent on the scores and wickets taken by the players that you have added in your team and not on the team that actually win the match. That’s why you will be allowed to pick players from both teams. Make sure you pick your players wisely. Most importantly, pick your captain and vice-captain as they would give extra points in fantasy cricket.

Moreover, you need to apply your brain and utilize your knowledge about the sport while playing fantasy cricket. You need to follow strategies and tips and keep them in mind while picking up your team. Make sure that you keep updated about the latest developments and information about the players before creating your fantasy cricket team. If your team tops the league or the contest, then money will be credited to your bank account. You need to play regularly in order to get mastered in Fantasy Cricket. Patience and Dedication are of utmost importance to make it big in Fantasy Cricket.