It’s no news that jewelry completes a woman’s ensemble. It could be statement jewelry, fashion jewelry, or even fine jewelry; just know that choosing a style statement is an art when it comes to accessories. Jewelry is categorized as fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, representing and enhancing your style. It might be easy to distinguish between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry as their nature depends on the materials used to create the jewelry. You can easily discern if your jewelry is fine jewelry or fashion jewelry just by checking the quality of the metals and gemstones. So, without further ado, let’s talk about what are Fine Jewelry and Fashion jewelry in general.

What is Fine Jewelry?

Fine jewelry is a kind of jewelry made up of gold, platinum, silver,moissanite, or other rare materials and gemstones like rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, along with many other semi-precious Ruby Stone. Fine jewelry possesses a timeless appeal and it’s easier to maintain its worth for a long time. However, a piece of jewelry crafted from inferior materials like brass plated in gold is not regarded as fine jewelry.

What is Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion jewelry uses inexpensive materials like plastic, copper, Lucite, brass, enamel, etc. Needless to say, fashion jewelry or costume jewelry has always been trendy. Even if the costs are lower than those for priceless jewels, they don’t hold any long-term allure or value. Fashion jewelry does not have a very long shelf life because it is made of elements that are prone to deteriorating or fracturing. The heat needed to rejoin the brass or copper parts will turn the gold or silver covering black and unrepairable. However, fashion jewelry is much more affordable than fine jewelry, rendering it widely available.

What is the difference between Fine Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry?

The distinctions between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry are fairly pronounced as Fine jewelry is made to last a lifetime and can be handed down from one generation to the next, because why not? You always pass down your fine gold jewelry to your next generation as it signifies the purity of gold. Fine jewelry also verifies the karat weight and grade of pure gemstones.

Although fashion jewelry can be chic and current, purchasers should focus more on the item’s inherent appeal over an extended run. The price of these items is kept low by the use of inexpensive materials in their creation. Additionally, the level of workmanship might not be as high as that used to create fine jewelry, culminating in items that might not endure the passage of time.

Now, at times, people may contract skin irritations caused by inferior metals used in fashion jewelry. It happens in people with metal sensitivities, not generally. Furthermore, fashion jewelry utilizes artificial gemstones made of synthetic materials like glass, plastic, or crystal. You still need to check for your allergies before buying fashion jewelry.

What is right for you- Fashion jewelry or Fine jewelry?

Fine jewelry can be handed down through the generations and is made to last a lifetime. In most cases, beautiful jewelry that is damaged can be fixed. Now, fashion jewelry is completely different as it’s designed to be affordable and it cannot be repaired if it breaks as the materials used in fashion jewelry cannot tolerate heat. It has little lasting significance and it can easily bend and tarnished.

This all depends on whether you want to invest or not. If you want to buy jewelry for a short period, go for fashion jewelry. If you want to have an investment that you can look for for a longer run, you can opt for fine jewelry. Contrary to popular belief, excellent jewelry isn’t usually expensive. You may frequently get a lovely piece of silver jewelry at a very affordable price if you are buying it for an informal occasion. So, you can shop for fine gold necklace models at a reasonable price if you want to invest.