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Inter Milan’s prominent goalkeeper, Samir Handanovic, has had an extensive portfolio playing for the club, and with FIFA 23 now just around the corner, the 36-year old keeper could do with a well-deserved player rating too.

Inter Milan has finally found their mojo again after consistently competing for the Serie A title every season.

That being said, fans should not forget that it is their illustrious Slovenian goalkeeper, Samir Handanovic, who has kept the team’s goalposts safe throughout the years.

Signed from Udinese in 2012, Handanovic was second (2nd) on the goalkeeping ranks when it comes to most Serie A clean sheets kept last season, keeping fifteen (15) matches secure from being breached by opposition teams.

With his proficient abilities and proven accomplishments in tow, it is safe to assume that Handanovic might receive a deserved player rating like so:

(GK) Samir Handanovic’s Potential Player Rating: OVR 86

  • Positioning: 92
  • Reflexes: 86 (-1)
  • Diving: 81
  • Handling: 81
  • Kicking: 65
  • Speed: 46 (-1)

It is undeniable that the 36-year old goalkeeper is amongst the best traditional keepers in the modern era, and although his age might be the determining factor as to why some of his stats could suffer slight dips, Handanovic still deserves to be recognized as one of the highest-rated goalkeepers in FIFA 23.

Seeing that Handanovic has captained the Inter Milan side for a couple of years now, the veteran player is surely going to be the first-choice keeper for the squad for at least another one (1) year until latest recruit, Andre Onana, has adapted himself comfortably in Serie A.

Let’s see how Handanovic is officially rated once FIFA 23 finally arrives on 27th September 2022 (Tuesday).

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