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With Argentina crowned as the world’s latest World Cup champion, you would expect no more World Cup card promos to be released in FIFA 23, right?

Well, it seems that isn’t the case with the newest ‘History Makers’ roster introduced a few days ago!

As a final “hoorah” for the global tournament, a few players has been selected for the latest ‘History Makers’ squad, each boasting a profound achievement that they’ve made from their participation in this year’s World Cup.

One such player is Liverpool’s elite centre-back, Virgil van Dijk, who made his first-ever World Cup appearance at the age of 31!

Van Dijk has already made a global name for himself by winning multiple trophies with The Mighty Reds, but this is his biggest achievement in his international playing career thus far.

This new card is his lowest-rated in FIFA 23, though, but it suits UT beginners the most with his spectacular defensive stats:

(CB) Virgil van Dijk’s ‘History Makers’ Player Card: OVR 86 (-4)

  • Defending: 87 (-4)
  • Physicality: 82 (-4)
  • Pace: 77 (-4)
  • Dribbling: 67 (-5)
  • Passing: 66 (-5)
  • Shooting: 56 (-4)

As you can see, van Dijk’s a defensive beast, able to shrug opposition players off the ball easily, besides standing his ground when facing both imposing and pacey strikers on the field.

Van Dijk enjoys a Lengthy AcceleRATE type, and he is a dominant right-footer.

Known as amongst the best defenders in the world, van Dijk has a High Defensive Work Rate that enables him to monitor your team’s defensive line closely, ensuring that he is always ready to step in when his teammates are off-position.

Van Dijk’s latest card here also boasts a few great traits:

  • Power Header
  • Leadership
  • Long Passer (CPU AI)

With the ‘History Makers’ line-up set to be around until 3rd January 2023 (Tuesday), you can have a chance at recruiting this exceptional early-game UT card right now by purchasing its card packs in-game.

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