Since Google URL Shortener shut down about three years ago, people have been looking for a better alternative. This article will review Rebrandly, JotURL, TinyURL, and Yourls. Each of them is great for different purposes, and each offers their own benefits. To determine which one is the right fit for your business, read on! We’ve tried all five, and all of them are worth checking out!

Including link expirations

With Rebrandly, you can easily customize ย่อลิงค์ links for your site or marketing campaigns. In addition to providing you with short links, Rebrandly also offers you features that will help you manage your links more effectively, including link expirations, 301 SEO redirects, QR codes, and link analytics. There are no signup fees and no credit card details required. To learn more, read on. You can sign up for free, and Rebrandly will send your links to your domain or email in a matter of seconds.

Rebrandly helps you brand and manage your links through its customizable domains. In addition to allowing you to customize your links, this tool also helps you organize your link collection with its easy-to-use dashboard. You can also define different folders or Workspaces to keep track of your branded links. This feature allows you to create links with a team of people and manage the whole branding process. Moreover, you can track the clicks on your branded links.

Any online application

URL shortening services offer a number of benefits over traditional shortened URLs, including a variety of tracking options. In addition to providing a shorter URL, these services often provide detailed information on the number of clicks on the links. As such, they are a much simpler option than server-side analytics engines, and they do not require access to a server. After a few minutes, the shortened URL will be ready to paste into any online application.

While TinyURL is free, there are paid options as well. TinyURL is free for all users to use, and you can create an account to view and track the history of your shortened links. Paid features include tracking, branded domains, and the ability to edit TinyURLs. A personal plan also offers branded domains and the ability to edit individual TinyURLs. For more advanced features, consider upgrading to a paid TinyURL plan.

Customize a branded

JotURL is a marketing tool that is cost-effective and feature-rich. Not only does JotURL help you optimize your marketing campaign’s links, but it also tracks their performance and provides a branded experience for viewers. Its Societal Opt-in CTA feature lets you customize a branded call-to-action message. Users can also use the JotURL platform to create and share short links.

If you’re in the digital marketing business, you’ll appreciate the ability to track your metrics. JotURL offers an API that can integrate with virtually any application, including Google Analytics, Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce. It also supports custom integrations via Zapier, Integrately, and Pabbly Connect. There are over 100 integrations available through JotURL. In addition to providing a granular view of your marketing efforts, you can also get a detailed report detailing how your campaigns are performing.

The extension settings

The YOURLS extension for Chrome is a free and simple way to add URL เว็บย่อลิงค์ to your website or blog. Clicking the YOURLS icon on the address bar will send the long URL to the YOURLS server, and when it returns a short URL, you can copy it to your clipboard. Additionally, there are two buttons that allow you to access the YOURLS admin interface, and the extension settings.

YOURLS is an open-source PHP url-shortening service. Unlike Google’s service, you can choose to host the URL shortening service yourself, without the need to pay third-party services. This means that you can customize your links, add branding, and track usage statistics. You can also choose from the dozens of available plugins to customize your URL Short URL experience. With these tools, your website will stay organized and your employees will be more productive.


If you are searching for a reputable Google URL shortening service, look no further than T2M. With their lifetime access, you can use unlimited short URLs from T2M for free. There is also an option for geotargeting which allows you to track where your visitors are coming from. Regardless of whether you’re using their service for marketing or for your personal use, they have you covered.