Whether you are looking for a system to help you track a field, or to enable you to build new systems, you’ll want to take a look at FutureOn. It’s a cloud-based platform that integrates IoT sensor data for real-time monitoring. It also offers you a way to visualize and collaborate on field concept development. As a result, it eliminates the need for detailed engineering.

Integrates IoT sensor data for real-time monitoring

In the past, it’s been difficult for upstream personnel to efficiently gather and analyze offshore data. But with the aid of digital field solutions, these days they are able to accomplish more with less.

There are numerous IoT solutions that can help you improve operational efficiencies and reduce energy consumption. From smart laundry dispensers to predictive maintenance to remote monitoring of assets, you can make use of this technology to boost your bottom line. Moreover, the more connected your equipment, the more you’ll benefit from it.

The smartest way to do it is to go with a top notch IoT partner. By choosing an IoT provider with a track record and a deep understanding of your industry, you can reap the rewards of a successful implementation. For instance, FutureOn offers a suite of digital field solutions that combine the power of IoT with the ubiquity of the Internet. With a single platform, you can access historical and real-time data. In doing so, you will be able to make better and faster decisions.

Eliminates the need for detailed engineering

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Enables teams to join together to visualize and collaborate on field concept development

FutureOn, a global software company, specializes in digital energy engineering solutions. They provide collaborative, cloud-based field design applications to enable teams to work together to visualize and develop field concept designs. This digital approach reduces manual validity checks and enables efficient collaboration across remote settings.

The oil and gas industry is changing rapidly. As a result, new challenges and opportunities are emerging. Traditionally, development of a field was a siloed process. But thanks to FutureOn’s unique and powerful field design applications, engineers can now collaborate with partners around the world to achieve better decisions and increased efficiency.

Having a clear understanding of the status of each asset and project parameter is vital to the success of any oil and gas operation. This is especially true in the world of brownfield projects. With the help of FutureOn’s unique and powerful field design tools, engineers can create safe and efficient projects with reduced time and cost.

Secures data by being a Cloud-based platform

FutureOn is a digital field solutions company, based in Oslo, Norway. It provides advanced, digital workflow processes to the energy industry. With a focus on hydrogen and renewable energy, the company supports the development of subsea fields and offshore wind farms. It also offers a new Cloud-based platform.

A national North Sea operator is building a cloud-based digital twin capability. FutureOn will use this partnership to strengthen its position as a leading provider of integrated digital field solutions.

The collaboration with Bentley Systems will result in a ‘next generation’ digital twin solution. It will enable users to make faster and better decisions. In addition, it will increase the security of sensitive data, improve cost efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

To achieve these goals, FutureOn will use the company’s FieldAP software and Bentley’s iTwin platform. These applications will leverage open web standards and open APIs to allow complex integration.

The iTwin platform offers additional benefits, including the ability to integrate historical inputs and artificial intelligence. Moreover, it provides real-time monitoring of oil and gas projects.