You must have heard of toe rings, even if you have not used them already. These are some of the most classic and timeless accessories that women have worn over the years. In fact, they are still in style today, and there are several reasons behind this that we will uncover in this blog.

You can find a vast collection of toe rings online that can suit varying needs. The sky is the limit in regard to styles, finishes, and designs in this segment today.

Why Toe Rings are Beneficial from an Ayurvedic Standpoint

Apart from their aesthetics and other advantages, toe rings are reportedly beneficial from Ayurvedic viewpoints as well. They are synonymous with tradition and fast becoming major fashion statements. It is not just married women who wear toe rings today, but also unmarried and young women who love experimenting with their looks as well. Toe rings make a fashion statement like no other.

Some of the main benefits, as believed by Ayurvedic schools of thought, include the following:

  • Acupressure benefits– Based on Ayurvedic principles and practices, toe rings are beneficial for enjoying the benefits of acupressure. The whole reason behind wearing them is that they help clear blockages from acupressure points of individuals.
  • Solving gynaecological issues– Toe rings help combat or alleviate gynaecological problems as per Ayurvedic beliefs. They may help in stimulating the second toe and massaging it. This enables links with nerves which may enable better gynaecological benefits in turn.Many practitioners feel that it helps regulate menstrual cycles as well, since a nerve that extends to the toe from the second finger and reportedly goes through the heart, while linking the uterus. Silver toe rings are sometimes held as positive, since they may enable the absorption of energy generated from the body and earth while creating a unifying effect within the former as well.
  • Conception– Practitioners also state that using toe rings helps women conceive by balancing the menstrual cycles of women and the uterus. Many also believe that they may help conceive children from positive feelings and a place of love and affection.
  • Calming and blood pressure regulation– Toe rings may help maintain calm within the system while also enabling blood pressure regulation. Silver metals of the ring may help in calming the heart and mind as per Ayurvedic beliefs. This leads to smoother regulation of blood pressure.

Check Out the Best Toe Rings

Apart from the innumerable health benefits of toe rings, it is also important to look at them from a style perspective. They are small but make a big impression. You can select a toe ring according to your skin tone and your style.

So, if you want to become the centre of attention at the next party you go to, here are some designs you can check out!

Caramel Silver Toe Ring

This jewellery piece sports a beautiful flower above a pristine yellow backdrop and creates a charming little masterpiece that can complement almost every casual outfit. This can be worn daily without any hassles because it is so comfortable.

Tribal Arrows Silver Toe Ring

This manifests an elegant but otherwise straightforward design template. The arrows have been crafted masterfully and there are two tribal arrows enclosed at both ends of the silver toe ring in this case. It will go nicely with Kolhapuri slippers and an Indian look as well.

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