Clients are the backbone of salon business. The higher the number of clients, the better is the revenue and consequently profits. However, in an industry which sees intense competition and is already saturating, acquiring new clients and retaining existing ones is easier said than done. It takes more than just dream team, a good location, and a host of offers to crack the code. Perhaps, this is why world over salon owners and managers are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to increase the footfall. Infact, more and more managers are leveraging technology known as online hair appointment booking software to both attract new guests and retain old ones. Wondering how technology helps drive client acquisition? Read ahead.

Curate seamless experience

Clients today don’t just seek a service and OOSH club booking software does it wonderfully. They seek an experience, and the journey of that experience commences from the time they come across your store’s advertisement and ends after they provide a post service feedback. A hair salon online appointment booking system helps you improvise this journey and curate a seamless experience for the clients. From easy one time enrollment and anytime appointment bookings to one tap processing of payments and collecting feedback, the hair salon online appointment booking system helps your business to consistently deliver impeccable service. With the software taking care of all administrative services, you and your team are free to focus more on the client satisfaction.

Implement a Loyalty Program

Multiple studies have indicated that the cost of acquiring new clients is 10 times the cost of retaining an existing one. Loyalty Program remains one of the best ways to retain clients. The online hair appointment booking system lets you set up a transparent, and fool proof loyalty program. What is ever better, is that since the system maintains a centralized database, it allows guests to know all information about their membership in a single glance. Zenoti hair salon online booking system comes with pre-configured loyalty program prototypes. Whether you chose a point-based system or a tiered system, Zenoti software has got you all covered. In a point-based system, clients earn fixed points for each revenue generating transaction. Upon reaching a minimum threshold, clients can redeem points in lieu of products and services. Zenoti hair salon online booking software makes the process of redemption a breeze. Since the entire data is centralized, at the time of new booking, the software auto fetches the details of points accrued and if eligible offers clients the choice to settle the payment for new appointments via points. Alternatively, in a tiered system, the evaluation is done over a fixed interval of time and based on revenue generated. Higher spends lead to upgrading to higher tier, resulting in personalized attention such as prioritized booking, choice of welcome drinks, complimentary upgrades etc.

Integrate with Social Media & E-commerce platforms

You may be running the most attractive digital marketing campaigns on social media such as Facebook & Instagram and the client is tempted to book a service but if they can’t do so directly from the social media page, chances are that the new client is lost.  In today’s tech savvy world, it is imperative that your business offers clients the flexibility to book appointments anytime and from anywhere, and a hair salon online booking system enables your business to offer such options. Zenoti salon booking system seamless integrates with social media pages to enable new guests to sign up and book appointments in just about 4 clicks.

Automate Email / SMS Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Believe it or not, the hair salon online booking software can help you run your personalized marketing campaigns. From sharing bi-weekly or monthly non sales marketing emails, which keeps clients abreast with the industry trends to leveraging analytics to understand client profile, and choices, the software can do it all and help you curate personalized offers. For instance, have clients who haven’t showed up in a while, the software can easily track the list, and in just a few clicks help you send push notifications with offers that are likely to have higher acceptance and result in bookings.

Integrate your business with E-commerce platforms

Ever wondered what do clients do in between appointments, when they need to buy products? Where do they go? Or why don’t they come to you? Chances are that your business isn’t equipped to cater to their needs of just buying a product or that the process is cumbersome. However, this can be a thing of past with salon software such as the one from Zenoti. The software easily integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and allows clients to easily buy products, book appointments, purchase gift cards etc. all through a single sign on experience. As a result, you no longer lose out on potential clients.

Hair salon online appointment booking system is a great tool and is proven to help acquire new clients and retain existing ones. By ensuring that your business consistently delivers superior client experience they help in turning clients into your brand ambassadors such that naturally engage in organic marketing for your salon. The software drives all aspects of your client communication and keeps them engaged such that you can reap fruitful outcomes much sooner than you expect.