If you are fond of running, we have great news for you. Too many people would rather hit the gym than go on a few rounds around the ground. This is because lifting weights in the gym is easier. It only concerns a few moving body parts and they think that is enough for them. But, the true runners across the world know that running is far more efficient when it comes to overall fitness.

In recent times however, people are flocking towards a new trend called Indoor running, wherein they run on a treadmill while connected to a Virtual World. This has been made possible by numerous apps, and the best one among them is Vingo.

How Vingo Helps You in Training

Vingo works on a simple principle. To provide an outdoor experience to the users, while they train indoors. The app is very easy to use and it will provide you with a mental stimulus like no other.

With Vingo by your side, you can gain more enthusiasm towards your exercise, be it running, or jogging, or even cycling. All you need is a treadmill set up in a cosy corner of your home and your smart device. That’s it. You’re set to Online running into the Virtual World.

Turn Your Boring Exercise Into Exciting Adventure

The app uses hyper realistic images and sceneries, all designed from real locations from around the world. These sceneries will help you keep your mind off the exercise and make you relax while you run.

Once you install the app on your smart device, you can connect it with your treadmill and select your favourite location from the maps. The app will then automatically detect your speed on the mill and use that info to create your own little virtual world.

Connect With The Virtual & Real World

Since you become part of this Online running app, you can then start to explore the place and also socialise in it.

There are thousands of people who log into the app every day, to train, to get fit or even, just have fun. Everyone from trained athletes to eager beginners join together in the app and train together. You can meet them all in the app, in any of the locations. You can even befriend them and talk to them in real-time, through the voice chat feature in the app.

Become A Member For Free

Right now, the app has been made available for free. With your free membership you can create your own account in the indoor bike app, and invite up to eight people to join you. And they can do the same with their friends, creating a local network among you. All of you can access the premium features the app offers and explore the Vingo world for free.

If you have an iPhone, you can get Vingo easily. For Windows devices, the app is under revamp. If you have Android devices, you are in for a good surprise soon.

So, why the wait? Join Vingo and get into the virtual fitness world.