Nearly half the households in Australia keep a dog as a pet. They provide hours of endless fun to those of all ages and are part of the family. They provide enjoyment when out exercising or simple comforts being around the home nestling up to their owners and offering adorable company.

Indeed, they are more like humans than previously known. They suffer similar ailments and conditions as they get older and require attention and that extra bit of pampering. The same is now found to be true with mental conditions, as up to 70% of dogs suffer from anxiety. That’s why it is a great idea to treat them kindly by giving them calming chews for dogs for several great reasons.

  • The best chews can be easily purchased from a firm of experts that use the latest scientific data and the very best ingredients to offer the best support for owners so that their lovable dogs remain fit and healthy. Knowing that all products are made by a wholly owned Australian business and have been formulated by Australian vets offers peace of mind that the chews are not untested cheap imports.
  • Owners don’t want their pet to feel drowsy through offering supplements, so allowing it to feel relaxed in sometimes stressful situations will make both parties happy. Those times when work calls or the need to pop out in an emergency can cause anxiety for the family dog, but the calming chews will allow it to keep its emotions under control.
  • Those times when a visit to the vet or groomer might strike fear into the dog will disappear, as will the worry of fireworks during celebrations. Car journeys will become a cinch as will having strangers visit the home, especially those who may bring their own pets.
  • The products are natural and have no ill effects on the pet, who will benefit from avoiding feelings of depression, anxiety, and hypersensitivity. The combination of Magnesium and Zinc along with Australian chicken make the chews tasty and provide calming elements. An amino acid as well as valerian, a herbal supplement and chamomile which is used in many human calming drinks also make up the chews along with a second amino acid that is used in green teas.

There is no reason to put a much-loved family member through stressful situations when the doggie can enjoy a calming chew and relax without any anxiety.