What is NBA 2K23 MT?

MT, or MyTeam Points, is the primary currency in NBA 2K23’s MyTeam mode. It can be used to purchase player cards, upgrade your team, and participate in auctions. In MyTeam mode, having a lot of MT is crucial to building a strong team and being successful. However, getting MT can be challenging, especially for new players. In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on how to get lots of MT in NBA 2K23.

Complete Daily Challenges

NBA 2K23 offers daily challenges that you can complete to earn MT. These challenges usually involve winning a certain number of games or scoring a certain number of points. Completing these challenges is a great way to earn MT quickly.

Participate in Weekly Challenges

Similar to daily challenges, NBA 2K23 offers weekly challenges that you can participate in. These challenges usually offer a larger reward than daily challenges but require more effort to complete. However, they are worth the effort as they provide a significant amount of MT.

Complete Domination

Domination is a game mode in MyTeam where you play against all 30 NBA teams. Winning each game rewards you with MT and player cards. Completing domination is a great way to earn MT, especially for new players who are just starting.

Play in Tournaments

NBA 2K23 offers various tournaments that you can participate in to earn MT. These tournaments usually require an entry fee, but the reward is significant if you win. Playing in tournaments is a great way to earn MT and test your skills against other players.

Sell Player Cards

One of the easiest ways to earn MT is by selling player cards. In MyTeam mode, you can collect player cards by opening packs or completing challenges. Once you have collected enough cards, you can sell them in the auction house for MT. Make sure to price your cards competitively to ensure they sell quickly.

Complete Seasonal Challenges

NBA 2K23 offers seasonal challenges that you can complete to earn MT and other rewards. These challenges are usually related to current NBA events, such as the All-Star Game or the NBA Finals. Completing these challenges is a great way to earn MT while also staying up-to-date on current NBA events.

Use the Auction House

The auction house is a great place to buy and sell player cards for MT. If you’re looking to purchase a specific player card, use the auction house to search for it. You can also sell your own player cards on the auction house to earn MT.

Complete Agendas

Agendas are a new feature in NBA 2K23’s MyTeam mode. They are a set of objectives that you can complete to earn rewards, including MT. Completing agendas is a great way to earn MT while also working towards other rewards.

Buy NBA 2K23 MT

While it is not recommended, you can buy cheap NBA 2K23 MT with real money. This is not the most ethical way to earn MT, but it is an option if you’re struggling to earn it through other methods. Just be careful and only buy MT from reputable sellers to avoid scams. When NBA 2K24 comes, you can also quickly buy NBA 2K24 MT at NBA2king.com.

Complete Locker Codes

Locker codes are special codes that NBA 2K23 releases on social media or in-game. These codes can be redeemed for various rewards, including MT. Make sure to check social media regularly for new locker codes.

In conclusion, earning lots of MT in NBA 2K23’s MyTeam mode requires dedication and effort. By completing daily and weekly challenges, participating in tournaments, selling player cards, completing seasonal challenges and agendas, using the auction house, and redeeming locker codes, you can earn MT quickly and efficiently. These methods are equally effective when NBA 2K24 comes, and can quickly help you get enough NBA 2K24 MT.