The sharing and understanding of addresses are not very convenient; especially in India there’s no easy way to find addresses. Mandirs, hospitals, bus stops, and other look-alike places  become our go-to landmarks when we try  to reach our destination. Repetitive explanations of directions also make us frustrated. All you need is an address short code that compresses the exhaustive and complex addresses.

Studies show, a  company  with a remote location often ends up losing its potential customers and business opportunities. A house with a complex address can frustrate you as well. Complex addresses confuses your visitors ,and cause delayed deliveries, and we all know how important they are to us.

Imagine , you live in the  city outskirts, and have an important dinner to host for your boss and colleagues. You’re  stressed and anxious as  the arrangements are yet to be done,and your boss is coming  for the first time. In the middfle of all of these, your food delivery partners are calling you to reach your home because it’s somewhere in between bylanes and improper landmarks.

How can such issues be resolved? How can you make sure that your address is free of complexities, easiexplainable, and easy-shareable?

Well, Pataa is one such hassle-free solution. It’s an app that is designed to help you simplify your address through a few quick and simple steps . It makes your and your visitors’ lives easier.

Let’s see how to create your Pataa?

The Pataa app helps  simplify your address by shortening it into a personalized code  based on location intelligence.  You can simply go for live location sharing to transform the whirling attempts of locating you into cakewalks.

Follow steps below for  creating  your own Pataa and getting a digital address code:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or the iOS app store
  2. Click on ‘Create Pataa’, and place the pin at your doorstep
  3. Tap on the Pataa plate to create your customised digital address code, like ‘^KUMAR100’ or ‘^SINGH221’
  4. Tap on ‘Check Availability’. If your chosen code is available,  tap on ‘Create Pataa’ to proceed.
  5. Add your complete address in detail with relevant landmarks
  6. If you want to create a Pataa for another location, tap on ‘Change’ and enter that address in the search bar
  7. Record voice directions and upload photos
  8.  Your Pataa is now made. Share it easily by simply clicking on ‘Share Pataa’ and voila. your simplified address can now be shared  for your visitor’s convenience.

Pataa, along with these features, has numerous others like recording instructions in your own voice making it more personal and clear. You can add remarks instructing your visitor on how to reach you. Live location sharing is another great feature making your and your visitors’ lives easier by allowing you to get their current location. It guides them step by step and aids  them if they take a wrong turn  with its accurate location tracking technology.

Not only this, but you can also create a Pataa extension for your whole family. Be it your work family, chosen family, or your kin  –  Pataa makes it easy for everyone to share the same  address short code with visitors instead of everyone making one Pataa code each.

So, download the Pataa app to enjoy the blessings of , your dinner parties are a raging success, and you never lose out on potential customers. Read A Guide to Using Pataa – Your Smart Digital Address to know more about how and why to use Pataa.