Restaurants can benefit from the summertime. To attract and engage with their target clients, restaurants and bars see a spike in demand for deals over the summer.

The summer is the ideal time for businesses, especially restaurants, to capitalize because most customers are looking for ways to unwind and cool off.

As a result, restaurants should amp up their services, ensure that everyone is prepared to withstand the summer’s heat, and get inventive with their interactive menus.

For instance, to help them streamline their operations during this busy season, restaurant operators can use a digital restaurant menu QR code app.

Restaurant owners can provide their guests with an interactive menu and an online ordering page.

Customers can quickly scan a menu QR code, look through the online ordering website, place an order, and pay while taking in summer’s relaxed, tranquil atmosphere.

Learn about these summertime restaurant and bar specials to help your business flourish.

1. Serve up some seasonal specials on your interactive menu

Who wouldn’t crave a drink after a strenuous walk along the beach? Researching what people want at this time of year is the ideal approach to making your interactive menu the focal point of your restaurant.

You can draw more people into your restaurant by giving consumers a taste of the tropics through your interactive menu’s seasonal specials.

Additionally, after spending an afternoon in the summer heat, you can offer your clients some cool treats to help them chill down.

2. Organize a dance during summer nights

The focus of the summer is sharing romantic moments with that particular someone.

Make your restaurant the location to host summer date nights on your patio, terrace, or even your dance floor. Using candles, flowers, or balloons to decorate the space will help create a romantic environment.

Serve your customers a four-course dinner that would go perfectly with their sophisticated night to cap it all off. Additionally, suggest your best wine to your customers.

3. Offer discount vouchers to your regular customers

In addition to the summertime fun, you can use this time of year to lower the cost of meals and drinks at your restaurant.

This is your opportunity to create original restaurant and bar promotions that will set you apart from the competition. Your restaurant will be able to lure and draw clients to spend the night away with your company by regularly providing discounts, special offers, and freebies.

If you want to give coupons to your existing customers and new clients, you can send them a newsletter. This will excite your clients about the summertime benefits you are offering.

4. Present ice cream deals in your restaurant

Ice cream, the most known frozen dessert in the world, comes in various flavors such as frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato, and frozen custard and pairs well with almost any meal. Ice cream is ideal during summer.

Take this as an opportunity to offer ice cream deals in your restaurant during summer nights. You can easily integrate such ice cream deals into your interactive menu.

For instance, at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. in your restaurant, you may provide a 50 percent discount on each scoop of ice cream. A digital restaurant menu QR code app can be used to arrange these recurring promotions. The tool makes it simple to build promos and schedule them in a flash.

In addition, you can offer kids eating at your restaurant complimentary tiny ice cream scoops.

5. Host a game night

You may interact with your clients by holding a game night over the summer.

To spice up the ambiance of your restaurant during this season, you can offer polls, quizzes, or even a talent competition.

Encourage more customers to become patrons, create client awards to acknowledge your most devoted clients, and make them known to everyone.


Now that summer has here, pubs and restaurants are getting more creative with their events and promotional deals.

You might relate your restaurant or bar to outdoor activities this season to entice additional customers.

Using interactive menu software, you won’t need to hire more people to run your restaurant.