When you look at it’s price of just under $270, you can see why so many choose to buy Hi Point 995 carbines, but it also makes you wonder about the quality on offer. In fact, many do look down their nose at the 995, but we happen to think that it’s not paying the product the respect it deserves. The question is, then, if it’s a good weapon, why is it so inexpensive?

We didn’t refer to the weapon as ‘cheap’, as it’s not. Firstly, it’s made from an aluminum/copper/zinc/magnesium alloy, which is not as expensive as alloyed steel. Does this aspect have any bearing on its performance? Absolutely not.

Buy Hi Point 995 Carbines? What About the Action?

Another way in which the Hi Point designers cut costs with the 995 relates to its action. The majority of handguns and carbines fire bullets that have more impact than a .380 out of a locked breech. Generally speaking, this is a Browning design that’s been modified. The wisdom of someone choosing to buy Hi Point 995 is that it’s able to cope with more powerful rounds, in addition to being able to make the receiver smaller.

Other types of carbine and pistol employ a ‘blow-back’ design that’s commonly seen in many .380 centerfire cailbers and the lion’s share of rimfire weapons. The benefit of this configuration is that it sacrifices nothing in terms of performance while dropping the cost of manufacturing greatly. Another reason why the 995 is easy on the pocket.

It’s Able to Offer a Bunch of Features Too

The cost-savings on the rest of the weapon allow Hi Point to not just offer a low price but also include a number of features that you wouldn’t normally expect. For instance, you get upper and lower picatinny rails, a spring-loaded butt stock to minimize felt recoil, and even a threaded barrel.

Would you expect the ability to add a silencer to a $270 carbine? No, we wouldn’t either. But there it is – a 995 is silencer-ready, and you can add a range of lasers and other aftermarket add-ons to your weapon. The weapon comes in a couple of attractive finishes, too and goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a carbine on price alone.

Want to Buy Hi Point 995 Carbines? It’s a Good Move

What we hope we’ve conveyed to you here is that the Hi Point 995 may be easy on the pocket, but that doesn’t mean it’s trash. It’s a long way from being garbage – hence the large number of units they’ve sold. The manufacturer has managed to create a great weapon by making a few changes to the materials used, and it’s allowed them to deliver a great option that doesn’t break the bank.

Are there better carbines available? Sure, no one is saying that it’s the premier option on the market, but you’ll struggle to find a weapon as good as this at such a low price.

So, don’t let anyone tell you that the 995 isn’t worth your time. It’s actually a super fun weapon, even if you’re only interested in plinking. Plus, it offers you the chance to upgrade it up the wazoo. Sure, you might end up paying more for accessories than for the weapon itself, but you’ll have great fun along the way. Is it for you? That’s a question you’ll have to answer yourself.