If you’re looking to purchase a smart LED downlight for your home, there are some things to know about each of them. While there are some dedicated products on the market that do a lot more than switch on and off, most of these products still need a smart switch and hub to work. Some of them can even change colour temperature, changing the overall tone of a room. Some are even integrated, meaning that you won’t need to buy an additional hub or smart switch. Most electricians are wiring homes with surface sockets, which are wall sockets without switches, near the downlight holes. These sockets are convenient for most people, because most manufacturers include plugs. So, you can easily plug a smart LED downlight into your home without the need to hire an electrician.

GU10 version of downlights

Philips has launched the second generation of its smart LED downlights, the GU10 version, a smaller version of the first generation. The downside of the GU10 version is that it won’t work with all of your existing fixtures. However, if you’re just starting out with smart lighting, the GU10 version is perfect for you. Double Downlight are an innovative way to illuminate your space without sacrificing light quality or energy efficiency. Learn more about them here!

The GU10 version is available in several colour options. The standard GU10 is 50mm in diameter, and the mini GU10 is smaller. This means it can fit in smaller spotlight fittings. These LEDs are also available in a range of colours. The video below shows three of the most common colours in action.

The GU10 version is also available in a dual-pack, giving you a price advantage of around 20%. While the GU10 version is smaller, it still offers the same brightness as a 50W Halogen. This is a great feature for tight spaces. This new light also has a longer battery life. It is also significantly brighter than the older version, with 520 lumens of illumination.

The GU10 version of smart LED downlight is not suitable for all fixtures, but is suitable for track heads and open recessed fixtures. It is also 0.1 inch shorter than a conventional GU10 bulb. It may not fit into the fixture that you have, but it should work well in most cases. The only drawback of the GU10 version is that it has a smaller overall output compared to its color counterpart. However, it is compatible with existing fixtures, making it a good option for those who prefer to avoid a bigger cost.

Crompton Spectrum 6-inch smart LED downlight

The Crompton Spectrum LED downlight has a range of advanced features to give your home a smart, modern look. It is fire-rated and offers full colour-temperature control (CCT). The light from this downlight can change from a warm candlelight effect to a stark daylight effect. Moreover, it can be controlled with a smartphone app, meaning it can be programmed to be on at different times of the day.  Commercial LED Downlights have been around for years but they’re still not as popular as they should be.

Moreover, the light is energy-efficient and does not contain harmful mercury or IR radiation. It also offers different colours and has a slim design. It is also compatible with different types of ceilings. For optimum lighting, space the lights at regular intervals.