How do you cold start a car? Cold starts can be a bit of a challenge, but they can also be a lot of fun! The sound your car makes when it first starts will be amazing. V8 Mustangs can send shivers down your spine. So if you haven’t done it lately, now is the time to try it. Besides the added enjoyment, cold starts can save you a lot of fuel and help you avoid flooding or idling.

After a cold start, driving the car is much different from driving a warm one. Driving slowly and with minimal revs will make the engine last longer. Be sure to avoid pedal to the metal, which is one of the worst habits when driving a car. Start off slowly and increase your speed gradually as the temperature increases. Don’t use your brakes excessively at first, as this will reduce the life of your engine.

A marginal battery may not produce as much electrical current as a warm one. Moreover, when the temperature drops toward single digits, the battery’s chemical reaction will be slower. Therefore, it will take longer to generate the same amount of power as a warm battery. Plus, cold engine oil tends to thicken, making it difficult for it to flow around the engine as efficiently as it does on a warm day. If you don’t know how to cold start a car, you’re in for a big surprise.