While the laws of Thailand are generally friendly to foreign investors, there are certain restrictions to be adhered to when doing business in the country. The regulations for foreign business include labour, environmental, and trade competition laws, and also other legislation pertaining to promotion of investment and vehicles. In addition, the tourism business license and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act both cover various laws that govern international business and investment transactions. Both share purchase agreements and joint venture agreements should be reviewed by a reputable legal firm prior to being executed.

Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand The Firm Celebrates Growth

The Vize Counselor Law Firm in Bangkok, Thailand was founded by Vongsakorn Arayavatn. This Law firm have contributed to Thailand’s legal system. Thai legal system and helped to build a successful law firm. Vize Counselors have also served as members of the Thai Royal Family as well as the Ministry of Justice.

The Vize International Thai Law Firm’s three Offices

If you need legal services, you need professionals who knows the specifics of your particular case. The Vize International Thai Law Firm’s three offices are in Bangkok, Koh Samui, and Phuket. The firm offers international legal expertise and a diverse client base. To assist you in navigating the legal system, the firm’s skilled lawyers and staff are fluent in English, and Chinese

The three offices in the company are a convenient all-in-one source for all your legal requirements. Their team is comprised of Thai as well as American lawyers, which helps clients from all over all over the world access the legal services they need. They can also assist you settle any dispute that may occur. If you need help with the business process, or you need to make an insurance claim, you can count on Vize.

Corporate Expertise from English Speaking Lawyers

If you’re looking for expert advice for your company in the form of English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand You’ve come to the right place. Vize Counselor is an award-winning law firm located in Thailand that has English speaking lawyers who are located in Phuket along with Bangkok. With expertise in nearly every aspect of commercial and corporate law, the lawyers of Vize Counselor have the skills to deal with the most difficult cases. In addition to their diverse backgrounds, all of the lawyers in the firm are registered as Thai consultants and possess deep legal expertise.

We specialize in BOI Thailand Company Set Up

If you are considering setting up a business Thailand, a specialized firm that specializes in BOI Company Set-Up is required. A firm that specializes in BOI Thailand Company Set-up will guide you through the whole process, from making sure your application is successful through to setting up your board of investment. This is an important part of the process and requires legal knowledge. If you’re looking for an expert in this field you can contact James and Partner Law Offices.

A Thai Board of Investment (BOI) company provides a variety of benefits to investors who are interested, including various incentives, such as the opportunity to be the sole owner of the business. The benefits include a total tax exemption, up to 18 years of corporate income tax exemption, and no taxes on the import of machines and other equipment required for the development of projects. Another benefit of establishing the BOI business within Thailand is the possibility to get the necessary work permit and visa renewal quickly, without wasting resources on one-sided procedures. Legal counsel from a private attorney can aid you with these problems by incorporating your business and signing off on it.

Best English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand

If you’re looking for the help of an English attorney in Thailand There are a variety of options available. Vize Counselor, one of the top lawyers in Thailand, has an English-speaking lawyer available for various legal matters. The law firm has offices in Bangkok and Samui and has several English lawyer available. For locating an attorney look up the website of the law firm offering the services it provides in English. The lawyers they have can assist with a range of legal issues, such as commercial licensing, property disputes as well as intellectual property. You can even reach them for free consultations and full surveillance services.

Legal firms that provide their services in English are a good option. Whether you need help in obtaining Thai wedding visas, or retirement visas an English-speaking lawyer will assist you in your legal matter. They can also assist you with the purchase of a business in Thailand or in suing someone or even for committing serious crime. The top law firms in Thailand have English-speaking lawyers who are fluent in Thai along with English. It is also possible to require the services of a lawyer Thai who is skilled in a particular field.