If you’re wondering how many cities have four major sports, here are some answers. Atlanta once had a team in every major league, as did Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit. But since those teams no longer exist, Atlanta was relegated to just one sport. Nonetheless, it does have two professional teams in each major league. And as of January 30, 2000, St. Louis boasted a team in each of the four major leagues.

There are thirteen cities in the United States and Canada with at least one team in each league. Of those cities, Philadelphia is the only one where all four major sports teams won championships in the same year, though only one of them won a championship. According to Wikipedia, thirteen cities in North America have at least one professional team in each sport. But how many cities actually have four major sports? Luckily, not many. And a city like Philadelphia can boast all four major sports.

Detroit won three championships in 1935, the last time a city had three teams in each league. And, even if Boston didn’t make it in 2018-19, it could still join the club. The Bruins and Patriots played seven games before falling to the St. Louis Blues. But their efforts were in vain. The Bruins, who have only one team in the NFL, were beaten by the St. Louis Blues in the 2018-19 season.