When you’ve grown weary of lugging a big suitcase around each time you head out for a quick getaway, it’s time to get yourself a weekender bag. These totes tick all the boxes when it comes to convenience and functionality, making a well-designed weekender a must for your next overnighter. If you’re worried about getting all your travel gear into a compact carry-on, here’s what you need to know about choosing the perfect fit.

Spacious Interior = Maximum Packability

Once you’re ready to downsize your weekend luggage, it’s important to know that not just any small bag will do. While duffels and gym bags might work for toting things around town, when you’re traveling you need a case made to accommodate a wide range of vacation necessities.

The best weekenders feature spacious and smartly designed interiors, with both internal and external compartments and pockets to house travel essentials. They’re roomy enough to hold jackets, shoes, and other bulky items, while still leaving plenty of storage for your laptop, toiletries, keys, and travel documents. Because they’re styled like totes, not one inch is wasted on telescoping handles or wheels; every bit of room is useable packing space!

Choose the Size That’s Right for You

In the most popular lines of weekender bags, you’ll find a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the option that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you go for a full-size original weekender or prefer to pack as compactly as possible with a mini weekender, you get the same functionality and spacious interior with any bag in the top collections.

For even greater flexibility, consider a convertible bag. With their fully removable bottom compartments, convertible weekenders are two bags in one. Just zip away the lower storage area and transform the upper portion into an excursion-ready day bag for use on the go!

Can a Weekender Bag Fit in an Overhead Bin?

While it’s clear that a weekender is perfect for carrying everything you need for quick trips, the most spacious bag in the world won’t do you any good if you’re not allowed to take it on board your next flight. Choosing a case designed to meet airline rules is the only way to be sure it’s carry-on ready.

Although carriers have varying restrictions, the ideal weekenders are suitable for cabin travel in most airplanes. As a bonus, the soft sides make these bags easier to squeeze into overhead bins when space is at a premium. Just be sure to check your airline’s rules and remember that weight is also a factor in determining if your case is permitted in the cabin.

With so much going for them, a weekender bag is the best choice when you’re ready to replace your luggage with a piece that’s more practical. Just hop online to browse options for travel bags for women, find the size, style, and color that suits you, and order yours today. Once you use a weekender for yourself, you’ll never go back to packing full-size suitcases for your getaways!