Betta fish sale in the international market has been increasing day by day. When you buy a Betta fish, you need to know the Betta fish cost. Betta fish is one of the most expensive fish species native to Southeast Asia. Betta fish has an average life of approximately two years. Buying a betta fish means that you are ready to owe the expenses of your Betta for at least two years. In this article, you will get information about How much a Betta fish costs? 

The cost of buying a Betta fish depends on several factors that are necessary for the growth of your Betta fish. Although Betta is not very expensive, the supplies and other key elements that are essential for your betta fish cost you a lot of money. Pet stores offer different prices for betta fish for sale but always choose a healthy Betta fish for your Aquarium.

Initial Cost of a Betta Fish

Regarding the betta fish for sale, pet stores offer different prices so costs may vary. But the main thing is that low prices don’t mean healthy fish. Many pet stores offer low-cost Betta fish, but they are unhealthy due to the conditions where they keep them. You already know that Betta fish need a specific water environment to survive. 

Although Betta fish is very expensive, the average Betta fish cost is approximately $15 or less. When you buy a Betta fish, always choose the pet store where Betta fish is kept in a healthy environment. A healthy Betta fish may cost you money, but it will be worth great. 

Cost of Setting Up Tank or Betta Aquarium

Betta fish require a unique environment, just like their natural environment, to survive. You must take care of all the requirements to keep your Betta fish alive and healthy. Setting up Tank or Betta Aquarium is one of the main factors for Betta fish survival. Some of the factors essential for your Betta fish cost you once if you properly care for them.

Despite betta fish for sale, the cost of a Betta fish tank depends on the size of the tank you buy for your Betta. If you buy a tiny bowl for your Betta fish, it will cost you $10-$30. But if you buy a large tank with space for more than five gallons of water, you need to pay more than $50. Sometimes when you buy a tank, there is an automatic filter and heater along with the tank, so the tank is affordable if it has a filter and heater.

Cost When You Buy Accessories for Your Betta Fish

When you talk about betta fish tank accessories, filters, and heater are essential elements. You must buy a filter and heater to maintain the water conditions for your Betta fish. A Betta tank filter may cost you $5-$120, depending on the size of your Betta fish tank. Similarly, a Betta fish tank heater costs $5-$30. 

When you talk about other Betta fish tank accessories, you need to buy some plants and decorations to satisfy your Betta fish and enjoy the natural habitat. The gravel price may vary, depending on whether you buy sand or marbles. Marbles will cost you a lot of money as compared to sand. In general, the total cost you need for gravel setup is $5-$40.

For Betta fish for sale, you need to keep your Betta fish in a healthy environment as this may affect the worth of your Betta fish. Your Betta fish may feel happy if you buy plants, decorations, and lighting for your Betta fish tank. All these accessories may cost you between $10 to $30 each.

Ongoing Cost of a Betta Fish

Betta fish enjoy a variety of food. You must take care of your Betta fish diet to grow a healthy Betta fish. You need to spend $5-$10 on your betta fish diet. The main thing is that Betta fish avoid eating large food materials so the Betta fish diet will save you a lot of money. 

The price for your Betta fish food may vary depending on the food you buy for your Betta. Feeding your Betta fish with live food may cost you money as live food is expensive compared to other Betta fish diets. Despite the diet, Betta fish also cost you money when Betta falls, and I’ll. 

You need to provide proper medication if Betta fish become I’ll or catch serious health issues. But on the other hand, medications also save money as Betta doesn’t need medication daily. Medication and treatment are only required when Betta fish feels unhealthy. Moreover, filters, heaters, and lighting need electricity. So your tank setup may cost you an electricity bill.


Although betta fish for sale are increasing daily, when you buy Betta fish, you need a lot of money to invest. Betta fish itself is not very expensive, but the environment Betta fish need to survive costs you money. Betta fish are small pets that enhance your beauty. The main thing is that you must properly take care of them. Always select a store where you find a healthy Betta fish when you buy a Betta fish.