Homeowners looking for bathroom renovations have many options, from plants and scents to flooring and countertops. You can change the bathroom faucets, install new taps and shower curtains, tweak the lighting, or add a mirror. The possibilities are endless, but here are four simple ways to beautify your bathroom using fixtures:

1. Change All Faucets

Bathroom faucets can transform any counter space or bathing area, highlighting the interior theme. You can choose from old and vintage options or find modern, sophisticated designs for your showers and washbasins. Faucets exist in different materials, including steel and brushed nickel, antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and more. When changing faucets, stick to the same overall style and colors to create a uniform ambiance.

You can choose the same material for the towel bars, handles, and knobs. Find opportunities to highlight all stylized hardware to give your bathroom a distinct touch. Standard taps feature chrome finishes that can create an eyesore. Changing the faucets can result in instant improvements and doesn’t involve expensive installations. Stick to premium quality hardware and find finishes that blend in with the wall, floor, ceiling, and other fixtures.

2. Install a Framed Bathroom Mirror

If you have an old frameless bathroom mirror, things can get a little dull. Adding frames or replacing them with a new mirror is one way to beautify your bathroom. For a classic appeal, you can choose different styles, including wood moldings and metal frames. If you don’t fancy thick frame materials, consider thin-framed art prints and posters. The goal is to transform the area around your bathroom mirror and make it a centerpiece.

Most homes feature standard mirrors above the vanity area. You can repaint the frame around the mirror or change the location. Go for full-length mirrors that occupy the full height of the wall. Mirrors increase the depth of view, making the bathroom appear more spacious. You can personalize the cut or use standard shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. For above-vanity mirrors, scale the size to the bathroom and other fixtures.

3. Update Your Light Fixtures

The best bathroom renovations feature updated light fixtures. You can give your room a romantic allure with unique niche light in strategic positions. If you fancy keeping things simple, go for an overhead light above the mirror and another at the center of the room. You can add more light fixtures depending on the theme you’re creating. Try featuring framed artwork, storage cabinets, and plants. Such fixtures offer an opportunity to integrate more light fixtures.

You can have some fixtures operate during the day and others at night. If you have old fixtures, update them with modern LED options. You can also use wall-hung lamps, ceiling light panels, and color-changing options. Choose fixtures that emit a soft glow as they offer prettier reflections. Ask your remodeler for energy-efficient light fixtures. You can also consider automated lighting fixtures to take energy efficiency and overall sophistication a notch higher.

4. Use Stands, Side Tables, & Benches

If you have free space in your bathroom corner, consider adding a small decorative stand or side table. A decorative frame improves the appeal and offers extra storage and surface. You can use the stand for roll-up towels or hold your candles, bowls, and scented soaps. Decorative racks and side tables are also perfect for bathroom trays and toiletries. The stand should match your bathroom’s overall style, theme, and color.

You can also install an upholstered bench to increase comfort and luxury. If you have an old bench, take it apart for repair and repainting. You can re-upholster with modern water-resistant fabric. Shelving is another fixture you should consider when adding side tables, benches, and stands. Use single, narrow shelving or floating shelves if you have a small bathroom. The frames can hold your plant vessels and bath bombs.

Plan Your Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom remodeling is an open field, so no two renovations are the same. You can tweak every design aspect, including the faucets, light fixtures, handles, storage, and cabinetry. Working with experienced kitchen and bathroom remodelers is the best solution for beautifying your space through fixtures. The remodeler can help you plan the renovation, identify top materials, and work out the budget.

Beatifying a bathroom calls for subtle changes and precise interior design. You don’t necessarily need expansive renovations and teardowns. The best bathroom renovations target specific outcomes, like improved aesthetics, functionality, and convenience. Discuss with your local remodeler to personalize the result to your needs and space. You can also replace or reposition the toilet and tub to create a new floor plan and bathroom design.