Prescription drug abuse happens when medically prescribed drugs are over-used by the patient, without any control or regard for their side-effects. It includes people using painkillers very often, or using anti-anxiety medicines to get high. Many people who stay away from common drugs such as alcohol, tend to get addicted to prescription drugs. Prescription drugs have become a sort of a double edged sword. Without these drugs and painkillers, your life would be hard and at the same time, if you don’t practice moderation, it could be harmful. The easy availability of the drugs can be a reason too. Since this addiction is a growing problem these days, a lot of drug detox center have opened up detox treatments for people with these addictions.

Common Symptoms of Prescription Drug Addiction

People abusing prescription drugs do it for the mild high they get with the drugs. They are mainly focused on the psychiatric effect on their body, rather than the physical effects. As such, overuse of these drugs tends to cause several effects such as, constipation, nausea, feeling high, slowed breathing rate, drowsiness, confusion, poor coordination, and continuously increasing doses needed for pain relief. If the person continues using the drugs for a long time, their body gets immune to its effects and sometimes, causes severe damage to the person’s psyche.

Briarwood Detox Center is the Best in Town

If you are addicted to any prescription drugs like opioids, sedatives, hypnotics, or stimulants, you should consider quitting them slowly. A sudden withdrawal from the drugs can also become problematic. Or, you can even go for a thorough detox in a good drug detox center. A lot of people who were addicted to various drugs have gone through detox and felt the positive changes that came after the process. Many of them went through drug addiction detox at Briarwood Detox Center, one of the finest facilities in the US, located in Austin, Texas. There, you will find the best detox practices developed so far.

Advantages of a Medically Assisted Detox

There are several advantages to getting a detox. The process itself is termed medically assisted detox, for it is done by trained medical professionals who constantly monitor your physical and mental health during the process. You will be given a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment during the treatment and this will reduce the risk of relapse after the treatment. You will also be supported with intervention assistance and a personal health manager during detox. During your treatment, you can engage in positive activities such as arts, music, meditation, etc.

Stay Positive With Support After Your Treatment

During your detox treatment, you can ask for your family to support you. Or, you can ask for assistance and support from your peers in the detox center. You are all going on the same path and you must support and encourage each other.

Briarwood Detox Center offers a lot of fine amenities for its patients and it is the best drug detox center in the country. Call them up if you or your loved ones need any urgent care for addiction recovery.