What can be more enjoyable than waiting for your wedding day? Only the result of the work of local wedding photographers. When planning the wedding process, it is essential to prioritize and consider minor details.

When agreeing with a specialist, you should take the following into account :

  • coordinating the schedule of the ceremony;
  • accounting for additional time;
  • photos at different times of the day;
  • free time for the

Every wedding is unique in its way. You can order an 8 hour wedding photography timeline. It includes the preparation process, the ceremony, and the central part of the reception. Some couples only need a few hours to create their solemn photos.

Preparation time

Every wedding album has a beginning and an end. The first pages capture shots of the newlyweds preparing for the celebration. It’s a girly world without the groom yet present. The process of hair styling, makeup applying, dressing, the moment of wearing the veil, and the selection of jewelry will remain forever in your memory.

You can organize a photo shoot at home or in a rented hotel room. In the second case, you will not have to worry about decorations.

Vanilla Brides company recommends taking about two hours to shoot the preparatory process.


Wedding portraits are an essential part of the planning photographer timeline for wedding day. It usually takes one hour. Vanilla Brides specialists offer the following styles for the design:

  • fiction;
  • documentary;
  • reportage;
  • fine art.

Photos in the film art style cost more, as it is more complex. The documentary style implies more naturalness. If you want to capture sincere emotions, it is recommended to choose it. Magazine photos involve capturing details. Wedding photos on the stairs of the registry office are considered traditional. Pictures on a dark, light background are ordered depending on individual preferences. Portraits of the newlyweds, made at sunset, look beautiful.

First look

It is suggested to include wedding day timeline with first look. There are no more sincere feelings than the first meeting of a dressed-up bride and groom. Their eyes speak for themselves. As the years go by, you will remember moments like these with pleasure.


The number of photos depends on the time of the ceremony. During this time, the newlyweds will not notice the presence of a photographer who captures the process of vows and exchange of rings. A real professional will suggest a more favorable angle. It would be best to behave as naturally as possible to enjoy the process fully. Your posture should be straight, and your shoulders should be squared. As a result, the specialist will delight you with touching pictures.

It takes from fifteen minutes to one hour to capture the ceremony.

Wedding Party

At the wedding party, not only the newlyweds are photographed, but also the guests. This moment includes fun contests, a concert program, touching congratulations, and sincere wishes. Do not forget about the first dance of the young, a cheerful mood. The amount of time depends on the number of guests. It usually takes from thirty minutes.

Family photos

The Vanilla Brides company recommends taking photos of the young couple with family members. To do this, you should give the photographer a list of the necessary people. Parents and grandparents should be present at the shooting locations. Correct organization will contribute to obtaining quality material. After viewing the wedding album, the newlyweds will be able to feel the support of the whole family.

It will take no more than thirty minutes to capture the family members.

Cocktail time

It is the informal part of the ceremony. As a rule, during cocktail hour, guests are relaxed and do not always want to pose. Therefore, the photographer will have to work hard to get quality material. Cocktail shots are held for one or two hours.


At this time, all guests can rest after the formal ceremony. They are happy to devote themselves to the conversation and eating treats. An experienced specialist from Vanilla Brides will be able to capture the happy emotions of the newlyweds, the invitees, and the moment of presenting gifts, cutting the cake, and throwing the bouquet. Dancing movements are not excluded at the request of clients. Everything will be captured. It is achieved for three to five hours, depending on the planned celebration and the number of guests.

Coming out

At the end of every wedding celebration, the newlyweds walk out onto the dance floor under the lighting of bengal lights or other special effects. Please don’t put it off until the very last moment. Try to arrange for a photographer captures the magical dance of the newlyweds.

The specialists of Vanilla Brides offer a sample timeline for wedding photographer, which includes various packages with pictures of the details, the preparation of the young, the first look of the newlyweds, the parents, the celebration, and others.

An experienced photographer will suggest the best package, considering individual features and the celebration process.