Hair straighteners or flat irons are one of the most common types of hair stylers. It’s available in a variety of material, size and functions and therefore it becomes a little confusing to pick the right one according to your hair type. Yes, you can’t just pick a hair straightener because it looks cool. You need to make sure that you don’t damage your hair in the process of styling it.

Learn more about how to find the best hair straightener according to your hair type:

1. For thin hair 

Thin hair don’t require much heat as it is comparatively easy to straighten thin and fine hair. Therefore, avoid hair straighteners that come with one heat setting. In order to make sure your hair is absorbing less heat, opt for a hair straightener with multiple heat settings, so that you can choose the temp as per hair type. Get the one with ceramic plates that distributes heat evenly. It also helps in smoothly gliding down the hair eradicating frizz and dryness. We suggest you to go for Vega Self Style Hair Straightener for this hair type.

2. For thick hair 

Thick hair takes more time to straighten and therefore requires more heat for best results. A hair straightener with you can go for higher heat setting can get you a straight strand in one or two strokes whereas the one with lower heat setting would require multiple strokes to achieve desired results, this in turn can damage hair. Go for hair straighteners with titanium plates as it heats up quick. As it maintains high temperature, its easier to straighten thick hair faster and better.

3. For curly and wavy hair

Straightening curly hair and wavy hair might seem difficult but is not impossible. With the right tool you can cut the time by half and get good results. Curly haired ones should opt for a hair straightener with wider plates as it allows more area and better grip to straighten larger portions of hair in one go. Ceramic plates do a good job at maintaining the temperature and distributing heat evenly without drying the tresses. Also, make sure it has high temperature setting so that the manes straighten fast. We suggest you to go for Vega Ultra Shine Hair Straightener with wider plates and better performance for your kind of hair.

4. For hair prone to frizz and damage 

If your hair is suffering from excessive frizz and dryness, its rather recommended not to use any styling tool. Yet if you feel you have to, for some special occasion, pick the one with Infra Red & Ionic technology and multiple heat setting as this will guard your hair from excess heat that can lead to further damage of the cuticles. Ionic technology prevents frizz by producing negative ions and imparts a shiny finish. Infra-Red technology helps in retaining the natural moisture of the hair. Do not ever forget to use a heat protectant prior to styling. Another good option for weak and damaged hair would be straightening brush. Hair Straightening brush helps in better distribution of heat and imparts smoother and better texture. You just have to brush normally and get the hair you wished for. Add IR – Moisture retention

Straightening is the by far the smartest and quickest hairstyle that’s appealing both casually and formally. This is the only hairstyle that needs no extra tool or after care as it stays for long. Vega’s assorted hair straighteners for every hair type help you get that dreamy straight hair on the go without spending any extra on salons and professionals. Make sure to take proper care of your everyday if you love styling every now and then. Go the extra mile to make sure that your hair is retaining moisture and warding off frizz, only then styling comes out perfect.