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How to download videos from Instagram, TikTok and Twitter


We all know that a very important part of the main social networks that we all use every day are videos. Some make us very funny, others move us and others make us think. Many of them we want to keep for ourselves, so in that case what we have to do is download them, something we are going to talk about right now.

Social networks are full of very good videos , the kind that we can’t stop watching.

The problem is that if we leave them in the profile where we have contemplated it, it may not come out again and then we will not see it again.

So that this does not happen we can always choose to download it and thus we can put it whenever we want.

Depending on whether the social network we are in is Twitter, TikTok or Instagram, the way to have these videos in our internal storage is different, so we must go one by one to find out how we can achieve it.

Download Twitter Videos

To download the videos that we like the most from Twitter, we can use websites explicitly dedicated to this topic or we can use applications that lead to the same purpose.

The websites where we can download Twitter videos are extremely easy to use, as well as being fast and offering some other interesting functions.

  • The first thing you should do is click on the share button of the tweet or the share button when you click on the video.
  • Once this is done, we choose the option Copy link of Tweet or Video .
  • After having this address copied, we go to our browser and enter twdown.net or downloadtwittervideo.com , to give you two examples.
  • Once inside, all we have to do is paste the address of the video that we have previously copied in the place enabled for it.
  • In the case of using twdown.net, we would now click on Download.
  • Later we will see all the options that it presents us with different resolutions and the possibility of downloading MP4 files and also an MP3 with only the sound.
  • Click on Download in the option that interests us the most and we will have the Twitter video downloaded in our storage.

Download videos from TikTok

The social network that lives entirely on videos where you can put different filters and use current music is TikTok.

In the meantime, we sometimes come across real works of art or some very funny ones, which we would like to see again and again.

For that it is necessary to download them to our internal storage, although we could also give it a heart and it will automatically be saved in your favorites, a site where you can watch it again, although if you have many, it will be a nuisance to find one video among so many.

To get it to be saved in our internal storage we must carry out a few simple steps, and the best thing is that it is within the application itself:

  • Once we are in a video that we want to download, click on Share , the icon with a large circle that connects with two smaller ones by means of lines.
  • Then a window will open at the bottom with a series of buttons and one that specifically says Save video .
  • At that time the video will start to download automatically and will be saved within the internal storage of our smartphone, which will mean that we can watch it whenever we want, since we will have an MP4 file to play.

Another very practical way is to send the MP4 file by email directly from TikTok.

Sending it by email can be used to share with someone who is far away, to keep track of our own videos or if we want to download it to a computer without wiring or anything like that.

  • Within the video that we want, we are going to click on Share, the icon with a large circle that connects with two smaller ones by means of lines.
  • A posteriori a window will open at the bottom with a series of buttons and one that specifically says Email.
  • At that time the video will open our mail app, attaching the file there, waiting for us to put the recipient, the subject and a description (although this is not mandatory).
  • An email will arrive shortly where the MP4 file is as an attachment,
  • Now we can do with it what we want, that is, we can send it to someone or save it in the internal storage of the computer. It is already the choice of each one that programs.

Download Instagram Videos

With Instagram we will be able to choose several ways to get the videos. Being able to choose a website that is dedicated to that or a mobile application.

If we choose a website we can use some such as Download from Instagram or SaveFrom .

  • We enter Instagram, we go to the video that we want to download and click on the three vertical points that appear in the upper right part.
  • In the window that appears, we must select Copy link .
  • Now we go to our browser and enter one of the websites that we have mentioned, for example, Save From Instagram.
  • At that moment we paste what we have just copied in the area that we see to write and then we click on View .
  • We will contemplate several options to download the video appear, being we the ones who choose which one we want by clicking on Download video .
  • So the video will already be downloaded to our storage so we can watch it whenever we want.

If we choose a mobile app, we can have at our disposal Photo And Videos Downloader For Insta – IG Saver

This application works exactly the same as the case we have seen with the browser, the only thing that, instead of entering the web, we enter said app , once we have copied the address of the video , we paste it and press Donwload .

In this simple way we will already have the videos we want from Instagram on our smartphone, so that we can put them as many times as we want without losing them.

As you have been able to read, it is extremely easy to download the videos from three of the main social networks that exist right now, such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

The videos will be well saved in MP4 format and we can admire them at any time, being able to share them with other friends just as we share photos.