Using a UK online doctor is the easiest way to make sure that you are getting the highest quality care possible. There are a few different types of sites that you can choose from, but you will need to know the type of care you need before you can choose the best option for you.

Health Push Dr

Choosing a GP used to involve registering with a practice near your home. You would usually take time off work to attend an appointment. However, there are now several companies that offer services to enable you to see your GP without leaving the comfort of your own home. These include Babylon Health and Push Dr.

Push Dr is a digital health company, based in Manchester. It is an NHS-commissioned technology provider, and offers a number of services on the website and app. These include video consultations and prescriptions. The platform works with several NHS GP surgeries, as well as physiotherapists and therapists. In addition, Push Dr doctors can issue sick notes and referrals by video.

Push Doctor was founded by Eren Ozagir and Matt Elcock. They were formerly the CCO/CMO of MusicMagpie and Commercial Director at Music Zone. They decided to try and bring medical video-consultations to the UK.

Babylon health

Founded in London in 2013, Babylon Health has an AI-based symptom checker and a virtual doctor consultation service. The company recently expanded its offerings to include behavioral health telemedicine.

Babylon Health’s mission is to put quality healthcare in the hands of everyone. The company operates in 16 countries. It serves over 24 million patients and recently completed its public listing on the SPAC, valuing it at $4 billion.

In the UK, Babylon Health provides primary care services to over 100,000 patients. It offers virtual doctor consultations, live chat with real team members and symptom logging services. During a recent quarter, Babylon did $74 million in revenue. This was up from $57 million in the same period a year earlier.

The company’s services are based on self-reported patient health data. It uses the data to drive recommendations and interventions. The company believes technology can help patients manage their health more effectively.

Livi smartphone

Using a video GP is one way to see your Online doctor in the privacy of your own home. Using the service can save you time and hassles at the doctor’s office. The app also lets you add medical information to your digital health record. You can even book a consultation with a GP from your own smartphone.

The app has been designed to be user friendly. You can book appointments on the go, get a reminder to take your medication, and even chat with a GP in a private room. You can also send images to your doctor to aid in diagnosis.

Offers second opinions

iCliniq is an online doctor consultation platform that offers second opinions from a panel of doctors and experts. This medical service has helped over 95,000 patients. The company has a panel of over 3,500 doctors in more than 80 medical specialties. The doctors torquay are verified, licensed, and trained to answer in an easy-to-understand manner. The company also has a quality assurance team that monitors and guides the doctors. The company believes that the best outcomes occur when the doctors ask the right questions.

Patients can book lab tests and send medical reports to the doctors through iCliniq. This platform also offers health tools like symptom checkers and highly curated health content. Users can also browse through Q&As, and read articles to learn more about their health condition. The company is HIPAA-compliant and has a security system that secures patient data.


LIVI has partnered with GP practices in North West Surrey and is about to expand its services into Shropshire and Northamptonshire. It will also soon be available in Birmingham.