Custom lanyards are the most common accessories for promotional activities. Custom lanyards are of so many varieties that choosing the right one is tricky.  But some features will help you to have your custom lanyards personalized.

Why Should You Get Personalized Custom Lanyards?

With custom lanyards, you can make sure they look nice while still being able to fit your budget and job requirements. The best thing about custom lanyards is that you get the exact color scheme, look and feel you want for your team or event. 

Whether a black-and-white polka dot pattern or bright green with glittery letters, we can help ensure that your brand comes through loud and clear.

Traditional Vs. Neck Wallet Custom Lanyards

There are two great options here – 

  • Traditional Lanyards

The first is to use a traditional lanyard with the information you want. These types of custom lanyards are great for conferences, conventions, or any other event. Generally, those events require people to wear identification tags around their necks. 

It has the information you want. This will cost slightly less than neck wallet custom lanyards. But it can get messy if you try to make changes later.

  • Neck Wallet Custom Lanyards

With the neck wallet custom lanyard, you can use it both as a lanyard and a wallet. This is an excellent option for tradeshow attendees who must carry their ID with them at all times. 

These lanyards also come in handy during security checks or other events where identification is required.  Those can be customized to meet your needs. This style of custom lanyards has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

It’s affordable and can be made of various materials. These include Cotton and Polyester, among others. They are generally made from microfiber material. Lanyards with this style and color will give you more options, but they will cost more.

  • Imprinted Promotional Items

The last option involves purchasing promotional items from sites like Vograce. Then, you can have these items imprinted with your company logo on them before they’re given away. Many companies do this as a part of an online marketing campaign designed by professionals!

Customized neck straps make excellent additions to any business professional’s collection. They offer convenience while being stylish enough not to look out of place at formal events. 

It All Depends On The User.

Ask yourself this: who will wear this? Try something fun like neon colors or patterns instead of plain black or white lanyards if they are for them. Interestingly, that works for adult people too.

If you’re purchasing a lanyard for someone else, it’s essential to consider their neck size. If they have a smaller neck and need to be able to wear their lanyard around their neck all day long, then this might not work well for them if it’s too big.

When purchasing a custom lanyard for yourself or another person, there are several questions that you can ask yourself:

  • What type of lanyard do I need?
  • How can I make sure it fits my needs/the wearer’s needs?
  • What are the different types of custom lanyards available today?

Choosing Custom Lanyards For Personalization

If you need suitable custom lanyards, you must choose them carefully. Here are some tips on that – 

  • Check the materials used for making the custom lanyards.

If you want to buy custom lanyards, you must know about the materials used for making the lanyard. A lanyard’s overall appearance is often influenced by the quality of the materials used for making it.

  • Check the overall quality of the custom lanyards.

Nowadays, many types of custom lanyards are available in the market. Some of the custom lanyards are made of leather. Some others are made of plastic and some are made of nylon. If you want to buy custom lanyards then it is better to check their overall quality.

  • Be careful about the number of badges.

Before choosing the type of lanyard you need to keep the number of badges in your mind. If you are using the lanyard to carry many badges, you can buy lanyards in a bigger size.


If you are going to get a custom lanyard for your organization, then it is better to check the material of the custom lanyard and its quality. It will help you to get the best custom lanyard for your needs. There are a lot of things to consider before buying a lanyard. So, it is better to choose the best lanyard for your company so that you will not face any problems in the future.