Do animals need exercise? Yes! Do pet cats need exercise? Yes, again! Exercise must be a significant part of your kitty’s daily schedule. It is necessary, so your fur baby burns extra calories and doesn’t add on kilograms day after day. Also, physical activities can provide them the much-needed stimulation to keep them mentally and emotionally fit and strong.

Obesity can wreck your munchkin’s health, so cat owners must take it seriously and address the condition without further delay. It can lead to many other chronic health issues like diabetes, bone, and joint problems, etc. It is best to look for insurance for pets online, request and compare quotes and buy pet insurance in NZ quite early so you can stay prepared for accidents, specific illnesses, injuries, pet health emergencies, and more.

Have a policy ready so you can minimize your expenses during unexpected pet health events. For now, read these tips about exercising your cat and making the workouts interesting for them.

How to exercise your feline furry pet?

1.Learn your cat’s ways

Generally, fur babies are active at dawn and dusk. Observe your kitty cat to understand their preferences and organize exercise/play around that time. You may also incorporate some daily enrichment activities around the meals so they have fun, eat well, and get some treats as rewards by the end.

2.Rule out exhausting play sessions

Ensure the play sessions are short, engaging, and effective. You can plan ten-to-fifteen-minute sessions, so your kitty doesn’t get tired out and waits eagerly for the coming session. You can have about five to ten sessions per day for young kittens and fewer sessions for older/senior cats.

3.Know when your cat wants to relax

A bored or tired kitty may walk away from its toys or show no interest in playtime. Don’t be anxious; your fur baby will come to you when they are in the mood for recreation. Also, if your fur baby is exhausted, provide sufficient breaks and resume play only when they have stopped panting.

If your little one is keen on participating in the fun and games, they may chase around the toys or a laser pointer and interact positively with you. Scratching, hissing, and biting, are negative signs, so it would be best to stay away from your cat until they unwind. Sometimes cat wants to lay on person chest where he feel more comfortable. And if you want to more details about cat love with the person, you can visit this site

Some entertaining cat workouts

Avoid using your hands a lot when playing with young kittens. Cats can get into a mode of play aggression and give you plenty of scratches that you may need to nurse later.

1.Treasure hunt

Hide your furry pet’s treats, food, toys, and other favorite things in cat-accessible areas and ask them to hunt them down. Provide variety each time to keep the game captivating for your kitty.

2.Puzzles with treat dispensers

Playing with these toys keeps your munchkin mentally active. It can toss tiny portions of dry pet food for every achievement—a brilliant way to slow down your kitty’s eating rate and provide stimulation.

3.Assorted toys

Electronic toys, fishing stick toys, wand toys, laser pointers, soap bubbles, catnip toys, and much more are available to choose from. Shower your fluffy friend with new toys now and then. Refreshing your pet’s toy basket is one way to get them curious and engage with the play items.

Likewise, you can also make exercise fun for your cat by providing leash training, clicker training, cat wheels/trees/perches/shelves, and encouraging your kitty to frisk around. Having an energetic pet can get risky sometimes because of unexpected injuries and accidents. This is one reason you need to buy pet insurance NZ. Purchase insurance for pets online so your tricky kitty gets good medical care without burdening you financially during specific illnesses, accidents, and other pet emergencies.