Have you been inspired by social media to spruce up your living space and transform it into an aesthetically pleasing home? Or perhaps you could be preparing your house for a sale. Either way there are inexpensive ways for you to achieve that luxurious feel at home using some hacks and creativity. A renovation will certainly help you boost your house value or alternatively give you that picture perfect scene you keep seeing on your Instagram feeds. However, it can prove to be very expensive and unnecessary since you could achieve that look you are after with simple tricks, inexpensive materials and some effort.

Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some smart ways for you to make your home look and feel more luxurious while also not breaking the bank. Anything from a little repainting job to smart use of rugs will assist you in achieving your goal.

1. Declutter

One of the main reasons why your house may appear messy and why you might not be getting that simple, luxurious feel could be because you have too many things, too many colours and generic unnecessary items around the house. These could be either removed or placed somewhere out of sight. Similar to spring clean ups, going on a little detox for random décor around your home could do wonders for the way your house feels and looks. Getting rid of any clutter, items which are too bright or not fitting into your aesthetic will instantly change the appearance of the space.

2. More Is Less

When it comes to decorating, or as many would argue when to comes to anything really, more is less. If you have a few but good quality items on display in your house, ones which are a standout piece, they will create that expensive look you are going after.

3. Use Neutral Colours

One way to make your house appear more luxurious on a budget is by incorporating stunning wall art pieces, like those offered by Gelato’s custom art service. Having some cream, beige or grey wall paint, sofas and tables will give you that blank canvas so that you can decorate more freely afterwards with different textures and accessories. What’s more, it is much more convenient to have neutral-toned furniture that you can simply accessorize rather than switch furniture completely.

4. Decorate With Rugs

Adding a rug to your home will not only give you an instant comfy feel but it will also serve as an upgrade wherever you decide to put it. They normally tend to be a little bit more expensive compared to other household items, however you could always find a cheaper alternative. Browsing the flea markets and searching for a vintage rug could not only give you that authenticity but it will save you quite some money as well. Making sure you are getting the right size of your rug is also vital as it can really make a big difference to the overall look. Also, you can find more about wool vs jute rugs, and which ones are better for your setting.

5. Make Use of Plants

A classic hack to give life to any space is to add house plants to empty corners or where some pop of colour is needed. They have been used as a decoration for so long that even if you are not great at looking after them, you can always find house plants which do not require much maintenance. Moreover, if you prefer some other colour rather than just green you could opt for nice flowery bouquets which you could display in nice vases around your home. However, if you think purchasing those from your local grocery shop is too expensive, it might be worth picking up some yourself from the outside. Simple plants and greenery from trees and bushes that are all around us could make a great spring bouquet.

6. Be Bold With Wall Art

Everybody knows how expensive art can be so just by having some large paintings will instantly draw people’s attention. Creating a space worthy for an art gallery on a budget is possible as long as you go for large scale sizes rather than smaller ones. As art is very subjective, you could easily fool people that your wall art is worth millions even if your child has created the painting.  Having a DIY project will definitely save you a lot on your overall budget so it is worth considering what you can do and where you could go with a cheaper option for a frame, printing or buying. To make it meaningful, customize your favorite couple portrait into a painting.

In conclusion, we believe that these little and simple tips will help you transform your living space immediately from a cluttered, colourful one into a simple, aesthetic and luxurious in no time.

This article was written by a quick house sale company We Buy Any House. If you are wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, head to the We Buy Any House website for more information relating to all property related enquiries.