It takes effort to build a healthy regimen, and you’ve done it. You’ve found your rhythm and established a kick ass routine. Through trial and error, you’ve discovered your sweet spot – and are reaping the benefits of enhanced productivity.

And then comes travel.

If you’re not careful, here’s what can happen. All the best productivity optimized choices you’ve made get lumped together, and drop kicked. Punted way off into the ether.

How do you ensure this doesn’t happen? These tips are designed to keep your momentum going (or, fire it up if you haven’t found your groove yet!) and keep you thriving.

Your Purpose

Maximizing productivity begins by reconnecting with the basics. The reason you’re traveling in the first place.

What’s the purpose?

  • What will your days look like?
  • How will you need to dress?
  • Is there anything you’re unsure about that would be helpful to get some clarity on?
  • Will you be working with others, and if so, in what capacity?
  • What specifically are you going to be doing?
  • Who or what will you be responsible for?

When you’re clear on expectations, it’s easier to formulate a plan that reflects productivity and efficiency within that capacity.

Your Location

Will you be traveling to different locations, or reporting to the same place every day?

If you’re reporting to a single location, finding a short-term rental close to the jobsite saves commute time. Time is arguably the most important asset, yet the average American spends 27.6 minutes daily commuting to work each way. That’s almost an hour that could be put to much better use elsewhere.

For example, if you’re relocating to Chicago – the 3rd largest city in the United States – finding a place that’s close to where you’ll be working will save you a ton of time. This Travelers Haven article contains everything you need to know about relocating to the Windy City – check them out for extended business travel tips, too.

Your Habits

You know your habits make or break productivity. Your choices matter.

The world we live in constantly tempts us by allowing us to indulge in something new. Most would rather stay up past midnight binge-watching Yellowstone than fall asleep at the sensibly unsexy hour of 9:30 pm. Yet, a good night’s rest is one of the best productivity enhancers possible. We don’t need all the studies to prove it, we know from personal experience.

A protein smoothie loaded with blueberries and spinach enhance your focus more than a Sausage McMuffin with egg, hash browns, and cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting.

Getting outdoors and moving is more powerful than most of the supplements at the health food store, and cheaper too.

Your environment plays a big part in your habits. Does your short-term rental support your habits and help your productivity? Things like:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Onsite washer and dryer
  • Blackout curtains (if you work the night shift)
  • Onsite gym

Make a list of the most impactful self-care habits you currently use – or want to incorporate. These habits are the fuel that gets pumped into enhancing your productivity.

This list will help you find a corporate housing rental that has everything you need to support the implementation of these habits.

Your Plan

Finally, in order to be successful, you need to lay out a plan on how you’re going to put it all into action.

Starting Your Day

Let’s start with the most logical place, the morning:

  • What time will your alarm go off?
  • What are you going to eat for breakfast?
  • Are you going to work out? If so, in a gym? An outdoor run?
  • Do you need to pack lunch?
  • What time will you start work?

Your Workday

Next, it’s time to structure your workday. If you’re responsible for different tasks and activities, try and schedule the most challenging for when you feel the sharpest. For many, this is before their morning coffee wears off.

If you have control of your schedule, batch things together. Emails, for example. Take care of them in one fell swoop, before moving on to something else. When hopping all over the map from one activity to the next, it’s easy to get distracted and disengaged. A productivity no-no.


When you get off of work:

  • What or where will you have dinner?
  • How will you wind down?
  • What time will you go to bed?

Coming up with a plan doesn’t mean you can’t or revaluate it. What it does is provide some structure – the pillar of productivity. If you just allow yourself to feel your way through, you’re way less likely to take care of yourself in the best way possible.

Consider this: Almost everything you’ve done to get you to the next level has involved planning and preparing.


Productivity has become somewhat of a buzzword, used in conjunction with other words like “hacks” and “tricks”. However, the real secret – the best way to optimize productivity – is to establish a routine. One that prioritizes your wellbeing, and allows you to work as efficiently as possible. Nothing to it.
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