Studies can make a student’s life daunting and exhausting. While studies are equally important in shaping the future of students, it is also crucial for students to find some free time to refresh their minds while staying off the books.

If not well guided, some students can engage in unproductive activities during their free time. Therefore, instead of becoming a better version of themselves, they end up adopting bad behaviors that can ruin not only their academic life but their future lives too. This guide highlights the things a student can do during their free time, such as, and become a better version of themselves.

Things a student can do to relax when free

The following are some of the best activities that will not only make students more productive but also help them enjoy the moments as well away from the books.

Listen to music

While it sounds simple, music inspires students and brings in mixed emotions, making a student forget the daily school stress for a while. Through music, you can feel a special kind of connection, boost your mood, and help you stay calm.


Apart from relieving you from stress, exercising is a perfect way to have your body in perfect shape and fit as a student, both physically and mentally. What’s more, exercising from outside gives you an opportunity to enjoy a cool breeze and vitamin D. The different forms of exercise you can adopt are golfing, dog walking, skipping, swimming, hiking, and walking, among many others.

Spend time with friends

While it sounds obvious, there is power in connecting with friends and discussing some elements to better your lives, laugh, and catch up with one another. Moments spent together with friends create good memories for the moment and the future as well.

Watch a documentary or something you love

Watching something fascinating and educating is one of the best ways a student can spend their free time. If possible, watch with friends or family members as you enjoy the moments, forgetting all about school and just living your life to better yourself as a student.

Play a game

Well, gaming is one way to exercise your brain and spend your time engaged productively as a student other than doing awful and unproductive activities. A game can be from the phone or a board game with a partner.

Embrace a new hobby!

If you ever had that one thing you wish you knew as a student, then use your free time to make sure you learn and master your hobby. It can be baking, sewing, swimming, learning a new language, singing, or any other interesting hobby or skill you wish you master it.


Even though a student’s life revolves around studying, there is always free time away from books. While free time can misguide a student and take the wrong direction, this article gives creative insights into how a student can use their free time to relax while remaining productive.