Replacing electrical outlets might seem daunting at first, but the process can be completed easily with only minimal tools required. Whether to update existing outlets in your home or replace one that has become defective, our step-by-step guide you through it all. If you are uncomfortable attempting this project alone, contact us at Neighborhood Electric. We can have an electrician in Bay Shore assist with the project.

Step One: Switch Off The Power

Before beginning any electrical work, the power to the outlet you will replace must be switched off. This can be accomplished by switching off its circuit breaker or all main power to your home; to be absolutely certain no current is running to it, use a voltage tester.

Step Two: Take Measures to Remove Old Outlet and Facsia Plate

Once you have verified that no power is running to an outlet, unscrew its faceplate screws by unscrewing and unstacking them from their holders. Next, unbolt all screws securing its old outlet to its electrical box before gently pulling it from it – being mindful to note how its wires connect; these will need to be connected similarly when setting up its replacement outlet.

Step 3: Disconnect Wires

To disconnect wires from an old outlet, pliers may be necessary. Gripping the wire where it connects to the outlet will allow gentle removal; otherwise, if any screws hold it in place, then use a screwdriver first before withdrawing them and then pulling them out.

Step 4: Connecting The Wires To A New Outlet

To connect the wires to a new outlet, follow the same approach you utilized when disconnecting them from an older outlet. If wires are attached via slots or screws, use pliers to grip and push each wire into its designated slot or use a screwdriver to tighten them clockwise using a screwdriver.

Step 5: Secure New Outlet to Electrical Box

Once all wires have been attached to your new outlet, gently push it back into its electrical box using its screws – taking care not to overtighten and damage your new outlet!

Step 6: Test the Outlet

Once the new outlet has been successfully secured, switch on power again and use a voltage tester to ensure power is running to it. If all seems well, plug a device into it to verify its functioning.

Step 7: Replace the faceplate

Reconnect the faceplate by screwing it back over your new outlet using the same screws you removed when taking off its old faceplate so you must also know how to remove a screw with stripped head. Be sure to reassemble all necessary parts.

Neighborhood Electric

Neighborhood Electric understands how daunting electrical work can be, which is why our experienced electricians are here to assist you. From replacing individual outlets or updating all the outlets in your home to comprehensive electrical projects requiring electrical upgrades – from installation services and upgrades through replacements – our team has you covered safely and efficiently! With unsurpassed service quality coupled with exceptional customer experience and expertise, we stand apart from competitors as a source of high-quality services at exceptional value for our customers – give us a call now so that we can assist!