Divorce is a very sensitive topic that can be difficult to discuss, especially for children. However, it is important to talk to them about your divorce before they hear about it from someone else. Breaking the news to them can be challenging, but some tips can make this job easier. If you and your spouse are filing for a divorce or fighting a child custody battle, reach out to The Harris Firm, LLC, to get the best legal help possible. 

Tips for talking to your children about divorce 

When telling your children about separation or divorce, remember that it is already a very sad and stressful time for them. You need to make the process as easy for them as possible. Some tips on how to talk to your children about divorce are: 

  • Mind the timing 

Make sure to tell your children about the separation or divorce after everything is decided. You do not need to shock them over something which is not finalized. 

  • Plan ahead 

Before you talk to your children about the divorce, ensure you are prepared in advance. Decide what you want to say to them and how you want to say it, and be prepared for any questions they may ask. Make sure you explain everything to them in a way that they would understand. 

  • Tell the truth 

You must tell your children the truth. They deserve to know if their parents are separating or getting a divorce. However, your children do not need to know all the complications or conflicts in your marriage, especially if the kids are younger. You can pick a simple reason, such as “we do not get along anymore.” If your children are young, you can also tell them that not all marriages have to end in divorce and that just because the parents are separating does not mean they would love their kids any less. 

  • Address the changes 

Your children would undergo many changes after your divorce, such as custody, moving in with one parent, etc. Make sure that you address all the potential changes the child would have to face so that they are better prepared when the time comes. 

Speak to an attorney today 

If you and your spouse are considering divorce or fighting child custody battles, you need professional help. Get in touch with an experienced divorce attorney to make sure that your case is as strong as it possibly can be.