You must constantly speak about watch club as the first watch club rule. Putting aside the misleading words from Brad Pitt, we are going to speak about watch etiquette today. You have just successfully acquired the illusive watch you have been searching for years. Or maybe this is your first time ever wearing a high-end watch (every guy has). Whatever your motivation, it’s crucial for every guy to understand how to wear a watch correctly after he achieves it.

What Wrist Should I Wear My Watch On?

Ah, one of the world’s oldest watch arguments. If somebody ever comments that you have your wristwatch on the incorrect hand, give them a backslap while wearing a leather glove & tell them you’re challenging them to a battle. Alternately, just inform them that it is forbidden to buy a watch just on wrist that is not dominant. That is, you wear that on your left wrist if you are a right-handed person. The watch should be worn on your right forearm if you are left-handed. In any case, such is the custom. Nowadays, wearing a watch on whatever wrist you like to be entirely fine.

Choosing The Correct Watch for The Correct Situation

Ever saw a mature guy arrive at a wedding wearing a G-Shock and a dinner suit? It rates as an Adam Sandler on a scale of 0 to 10 to 10. So, this is how choosing the appropriate watch for the appropriate situation works.

Watches for Sports, Adventure, & Diving

We’re talking about real sports watches that are made to do exactly that; however, the boundary is a little murky these days with several watchmakers infusing ‘diving/sports/adventure heritage’ into their more sophisticated pieces for formal usage. These watches aren’t awful in any way; they’re simply not made to go well with a suit since they can’t fit snugly underneath the sleeves and often have vivid color accents. Wear them with the casual clothing instead as dedicated outdoor timepieces such as these are more sporting watches. Consider stylish activewear as an example.

Suit watches

The dress watch is at the opposite extreme of the range. They are basically highly polished versions that still belong within the dress watch category, despite some of them having names that draw influence from their athletic past. Dress watches often include a more simpler display style and more traditional features rather than extreme adaptability. They often have more conventionally formed cases with leather straps or a stylish steel bracelet, and they also tend to be shorter in size. Its design is exclusively focused on getting you through formal occasions, whether you’re wearing a posh tuxedo, a work suit, or a wedding suit.

Watches for Aviation & Motorsport

Another hazy issue, since dress watches these days may be either driving or aviation-style timepieces. If you lean conservative, we’d advise sticking with conventional dress watches for suits and tuxedos. For individuals who wish to give their whole appearance a little more personality, discussion, and “pop,” driving or aviation watches go well with suits. These watches are able to achieve so because they often have stylish design elements and unique features that are drawn from their respective industries (motorsports and flying).

These watches are best described as being in the middle between a suit watch and a chronograph movement. They combine the elegance of a time piece with the delicacy of a dress watch. In light of this, we advise wearing them with a smart-casual ensemble, such as a blazer with a denim shirt and jeans with chinos, a button-up linen shirt with fitting shorts, or a leather jacket with jeans. The watch should, in theory, correspond to your day’s activities.

How to accessorize your watch?

There isn’t any other way to accessorize a fine luxury watch, which is fantastic since you may experiment with the wide variety of straps on the market. Magnus King Men’s watches told us that a dress watch may be transformed from formal to smart casual by simply swapping out the black leather belt with a brown leather one. The same is true if you switch to a NATO strap during weekend activities. Again, consider the occasion and then dress your watch appropriately. Every strap material has a place and a function.

  • For professional settings like the workplace or special occasions, black leather straps or steel bracelets are the finest choices.
  • Brown leather straps may be worn in formal settings as well, although they lean more toward smart casual.
  • NATO straps often come in cool colors and designs and are made of woven nylon or cloth. Use them to make your watch more minimal while still making a statement.
  • Rubber straps are only appropriate for use in vigorous pursuits like sports, sailing, scuba diving, adventure, etc.

Watch and Dress Shirt Coordination

A formal outfit is required for a formal event. It takes skill to match a watch to every formal attire shirt, whether it’s for a wedding, a night out at a fancy bar, or a job interview.

  • When the arm is straight, a long sleeve garment should cover at least 85% of your watch. The watch should only be visible when the arm is bent. Additionally, check that the sleeve doesn’t extend halfway down your forehand. This may be fixed at a remodeling shop.
  • The second guideline is that watches should never be worn over the sleeve
  • The thickness of the watch should be reasonable so that it may rest comfortably beneath the cuff. As we previously said, a bulky diver’s watch won’t look appropriate with this dress shirt and suit ensemble.
  • The strap should appropriately fit your wrist, according to the fourth criterion. It will never be popular to wear a watch around the forearm because you are no longer in school.
  • Wearing a Belt with Shirts with Short and Long Sleeves

No longer are we discussing formal shirts and suits. Additionally, watches go well with both your casual long sleeve and short sleeve button-up shirts. As long even as fit is proper, there are no regulations about which sleeve type is appropriate for watches.

The long sleeve button-up shirt with folded sleeves is one of the tried-and-true winning designs for the informal shirt-watch combination. It’s a terrific method to flaunt the timepiece, therefore we advise choosing sports watches or clocks for driving and flying. Short-sleeve shirts may also be used in the same way.

Final words

Now you know how to style watches and wear them accordingly. Avoid wearing a dress watch if you like to dress casually with a t-shirt since it will seem out of place. Again, regardless of long or short sleeves, sports watches, driving, and aviation timepieces perform well in this situation.