One cannot deny that Tanzania Safari tours can be quite thrilling and exciting. However, it is likewise dangerous. In some cases, we have heard of incidents where some individuals had to face undesirable situations during this particular tour. However, on most occasions, individuals do not take many safety precautions as and when required.

During this type of tour, you will come in contact with animals who are roaming freely and are not trained as well. They are endowed with instinctive and natural behavior. As a result, you need to be extremely careful while undergoing your Tanzania Safari tours. In this article, we have mentioned some guidelines that will help you to do so in the best possible way.

1. During a walking safari

Even though a working safari will allow you to come close to the animals in the wilderness, you might be required to face the dangers as well. As a result, you need to take some safety precautions which we have mentioned right below.

  • Clothing – It will be advisable for you not to put on white or black clothing since it can irritate the animals. On the other hand, make sure to wear brown, green, or khaki-colored clothing that will help you to blend with the environment surrounding you.
  • Never venture out without a guide – Always make sure to take the help of a guide during your Tanzania Safari tours. There is no denying the fact that your guide will be the most experienced person to help you to stay safe while you are in the wilderness. In case you go anywhere without a guide, you are inviting your danger. These individuals have a proper idea regarding which areas are dangerous and which are not. Make sure to stick to the instructions of your guide in case you want to be safe.
  • Never run – Prey happens to be the only thing that runs in Africa. However, you should never run during your Tanzania luxury safari tours since you won’t like any predator to follow you. This will be applicable in the case of rhinos and elephants as well. Despite being large, they can chase at an extremely high speed.
  • Talk in a low pitch – Even though the animals in Africa are familiar with sounds made by vehicles, they are not habituated to sounds made by humans. Consequently, make sure not to talk loudly or even shout since this can irritate an animal while making them aggressive as well.
  • Walk away gently – On some occasions, you might come across a wild animal during your Tanzania safari tours. Although it might appear to you to be enthralling and amusing, the animal might not like your presence after all. In that case, you should walk away rather slowly and carefully.

2. During a drive Safari

Always make sure to stay within your vehicle according to the instructions of your Tanzania Safari guide. This is because one can never say when an animal is loitering close to you. There are some particular locations where the guide will tell you that it is safe to step out of your vehicle. These Safari cars have been designed in such a manner that they will help to maintain the safety of the passengers within them.

Always keep the windows closed while you are in the car and do not put your arms outside. Many accidents have happened in this area in the past, and you need to be careful to the best of your abilities.

It is a fact that the majority of the Safari vehicles happen to be open-topped. The wild creatures are familiar with the cars as well as the humans within them. Do not hang anything outside of the car and do not wave as well. This is because wild animals can become agitated and annoyed in the long run. There have been incidents of poaching in Tanzania in recent times. Therefore, in case you stick out something from the car resembling a gun or other type of weapon during your Tanzania Safari tours, it can trigger the creatures in a bad manner.

It will be advisable for you to drive rather slowly while you happen to be on a self-drive Tanzania Safari. This is because it will not be possible for you to know where a creature might be slumbering and he might leap in front of you all of a sudden. This is particularly frequent during the monsoon season when the grasses become rather tall. Moreover, make it a point to stop your automobile immediately during your Tanzania luxury Safari tour in case a buffalo or an elephant appears in front of you. Bear in mind that you should not cause any distractions that can attract any wild creature angrily.


Thus, in spite of being beautiful, it is a fact that Tanzania safari tours can be perilous as well. Hopefully, all these guidelines will help you to stay safe while touring the wilderness in Tanzania successfully.