Hualien 野猴子探險森林 Canopy Adventure is a wonderful way to experience nature. This is the best place in Taiwan to view wild monkeys in their natural environment. You can even see wild wolves and other animals while you are there. If you are planning a trip to Hualien, you should definitely check out this adventure.

Activities offered

When it comes to adrenaline pumping activities, Hualien, Taiwan has no shortage of choice. From ziplines to river tracing, Hualien has it all. This list of the best things to do in Hualien is based on a variety of criteria. These include things to do, places to stay, and places to eat.

The Monkey Jungle & Zipline Adventure Park is not a bad place to start. There are over a hundred animals to see. It’s also home to the world’s largest marble canyon. In addition to the monkey business, the park also has some of the most picturesque scenery in all of Taiwan. You’ll have to bring your camera, though!

While you’re at it, you’ll want to be sure to take a look at the Xiuguluan, the largest river in the eastern half of Taiwan. Its main attraction, the Xiuguluan bungee, is a major draw for seasoned rafters. If you are looking for an off-the-beaten path locale, this is it. You can also have 花蓮火車站住宿.

Attractions available

A trip to Taiwan’s northern shores can be a rewarding experience in and of itself. The land of the elves offers a variety of perks including towering 3,000+ meters peaks, wilderness hot springs, and monkey-filled jungles. However, for the most part, visitors have to rely on public transportation or their own two feet to get around. So, what are the best places to see and do in Hualien? If you’re into extreme sports, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Wild Monkeys is the place to go for adrenaline pumping fun. But if you’re more into relaxing, the city is full of spas and restaurants to soothe the soul. In short, Hualien has what you need and more.

The Xiuguluan river is the only river in the eastern half of the island and it cuts a swath through the coastal mountain range. With the river at its beck and call, you’ll find a cornucopia of outdoor activities and 花蓮民宿.

Attractions in Taitung City

If you are looking for a fun adventure in Hualien County, Taiwan, consider the Wild Monkeys Zip-line Adventure. This park is a perfect choice for thrill-seekers and nature lovers. The park features eight different theme parks and is the ideal spot for families to have an active day.

You can visit the park on your own, or as part of a tour of the area. During the tour, you will learn about the animals that call this place home. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see some of the many natural formations and canopies.

Aside from the forest canopy adventure, you can also try out the Farglory Ocean Park. It is one of the most popular stops along the way from Hualien City to Taitung City. The park is home to marine mammal shows and a dolphin experience pool.

While in Hualien County, you can also visit the Luye Highland. This area is a great spot for hiking, cycling, and visiting tea farms. You can enjoy a scenic hike or cycle along a bicycle lane that goes through pristine lakes.

Road trip itinerary

When visiting Hualien, you have plenty of things to see. You can check out the local wildlife and the Xiuguluan river. In addition, you can visit the Farglory Ocean Park, which offers marine mammal shows. The city also has the Luye Tourist Tea Garden, which is a great spot for tea. There are many other attractions in the area, too, such as the Ruisui Hot Spring.

For adventure seekers, you can sign up for a zip line tour at Wild Monkeys. This is a safe, thrilling way to experience the natural beauty of the area. During the tour, you can ride from one rope to the other and walk between different canopies. Top-quality gear made in Switzerland is included in the package. A basic orientation will be provided before you begin. It is a great activity for families, friends and beginners. You can also have 花蓮包車.

Another activity you can try is hiking. Taitung County offers several hiking trails. If you’re looking for something more active, you can try paintballing.