If you have lost your loved ones due to the negligence or misconduct of someone else, you have all the right to sue them for wrongful death. Even though nothing can replace the lost ones in your life, seeking compensation by filing a lawsuit can help you somehow. For example, you can use it for funeral expenses or anything else you wish. It is always better to file a lawsuit immediately for wrongful death cases. 

Otherwise, the opposite party may try to manipulate the evidence. As per the law in Nevada, you will have around two years of time limit to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death cases are highly complicated. Hence, you must hire the best wrongful death lawyer. Ace Law Group has the best wrongful death lawyers. Most of their clients are highly satisfied with their legal services. Click here to learn about them in detail.

Who can file a wrongful death lawsuit?

  • Personal representative, who is taking of the victim’s estate.
  • Intestate Heirs of a victim (deceased person). 

If the deceased person is married, children and spouse will have all the rights to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If the deceased person is not married or childless, their parents, siblings or any other closest family member can do it. To know in detail about this, you need to contact a lawyer. If you fail to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the opposite party within two years, it is difficult to win your case. 

How much compensation can I claim? Is that your question now? Your lawyer will only be able to answer this question. Your lawyer will take the deceased person’s details, such as age, earning capability, health condition and others and calculate the compensation (approximately) you can expect from the opposite party. 

If you agree to a settlement, your lawyer will attempt settlement by speaking with the opposite party’s lawyer. Whether you or the opposite party do not agree to a settlement, your case will go to trial, where the judge will look at the proofs and other important things before passing a judgment. 

Proofs Required for Wrongful Death Cases

Take a video of the accident spot and keep it ready. Try to take the contact numbers of the individuals present at the accident spot. To know about the other proofs that play a crucial role in wrongful death cases, you need to contact your lawyer.