With advancements in science and technology, online education platforms are growing rapidly. In this competitive sector, the online courses platform, everyday launched online courses for students. Every online course creator wants to brand their course the best, lead the race and get more student enrollments. To do so, after creating an online course, educators must plan the right promotional techniques. The promotional and marketing process includes performing different activities to make the online course successful. Let us discuss how social media applications can be used for promotions.

Instagram application for online course promotion

Founded by Kevin Systrom, and Mike Krieger, Instagram is a social media application that allows people to connect through direct messaging, video creating, photo sharing, and many such features. In today’s time, this is the widely used social platform all across the globe. With more than 700 million active users, this application is best suited for business expansion, marketing, and promotion. Some of its benefits are

  • A great marketing tool
  • Helps to create a business account
  • Helps in collaboration
  • Can not be used anytime, anywhere with a network connection.
  • Easy communication
  • Selling products and services

How to use Instagram for online courses promotion

1. Create an Instagram profile

The first step is to create an Instagram profile. The procedure is simple so no need to worry. You can watch a few videos on YouTube on how to make an Instagram profile and create one for your online course. After making an Instagram account, convert it into a professional or business account. This will work better for promotions and marketing. Set an attractive profile picture and mention the details of your online course in the profile too.

2. Collaborate with influencers

Today, Instagram is giving great working opportunities to the youth and people of all age groups to show their talent, create, and grow socially and financially. People become content creators and top-notch Instagram influencers who impress, motivate and influence others with their good work and professional skills.

To expand your online course business, collaborating with social media influencers is a great idea. Research well and collaborate with the best content creator who can promote your online course on their accounts. Share your expectations, and what you want the promotional video or upload to look like. Investing in influencer marketing will surely work for course promotion.

3. Make creative reels

Instagram has launched a new feature known as reels. Here, people can make short videos for up to one minute to show their skills, and reach out to people. To promote your online course by reaching the target audience, making reels is quite beneficial. For how to sell courses online, this feature works the best. Plan for a topic, collect the necessary resources and be as creative and unique as possible.

You can make reels on topics such as the advantages of joining your online course, offers of this month’s joining, and more. You can also make reels on study hacks, tricks, learning skills, etc. Add eye-catching captions and relevant hashtags to reach out to more learners.

4. Be regular with your content

When it comes to Instagram uploads, people are quite active. Approx 95 million photos and videos are shared on this platform every day. This means to expand your business and ensure active promotion, you need to be consistent with your content. Uploading one day and then taking a long break won’t help you to gain followers and engagement. So make sure that you post regularly. If making videos is not possible often, you can stay active on your account by uploading stories. The story feature allows you to share videos and photos for a maximum of twenty-four hours.

5. Conduct live sessions

Another way to promote your online course is using the live streaming option of Instagram. Once you start getting a good engagement rate, start going live on Instagram. For example, you can create a live video teaching a particular lesson or topic. You can also explain the important details, academic and administrative services offered by your online course, and more. You can save this live video and post it on your account too.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used for business and marketing in today’s competitive world. Educators can also use Instagram to promote and sell their online courses respectively. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can use Instagram effectively for online course promotion and marketing.