The budget analysis job is highly valued, and its demand is increasing exponentially. And a budget analyst salary per year is approximately 73,704 USD. However, every company needs a budget analyst as he can shape the company’s financial future.

He suggests costs, investments, and cutting down the overflow of money, which may make the institution profitable. However, a budget analyst must do a very responsible job.

But this job is not easy. Why? The answer is given in this guide. So, let’s discuss this without wasting time.

What Is a Budget Analyst?

A budget analyst is someone whom a public or private company appoints to overlook the costing of each department, controls the budget, and gives recommendations over it.

Therefore, he is a vital person for an organization as his opinion is highly valued because the best use of money and the company’s profit depends on his verdict.

He looks at the money spent on various projects, examines it, analyses the data provided by the company, checks the justification of spending, and gives suggestions to the authority on where to increase or cut the costing.

The Key Responsibility Of A Budget Analyst

Monitor Expenditure

The primary role of a budget analyst is to monitor the expenditure. Money is the lifeline of a department in a company. Project managers or heads of departments send an estimated budget plan regarding the probable cost to the authority and appeal to sanction the required money.

This is where the work of a budget analyst begins. He examines the probable cost, collects data about it, analyzes it to justify, and gives validation about the budget. If some changes need to be there, he suggests the changes to the management authority.

Sometimes he goes to the field and checks the activities according to his recommendation.

Interpret Data

A budget analyst must work with data from previous years to the current year to make a fruitful budget proposal.

He works with the project managers or head of the departments and collects data and analyses to find out a thing that makes a profit to the company.

He uses software like- databases, spreadsheets, and financial analysis tools to analyze the raw data and make a report based on it.


Communication is another role of a budget analyst. He has to deal with data to find out the break throw that makes the owners profitable or get the best deal with the liquidity.

He writes down in detail what he finds, makes statistical graphs, and presents them before the board members. Sometimes he has to submit his writings to the management authority.


Directors value the recommendations of a budget analyst. However, his remarks highly depend on a company’s plan, costs, or earnings.

A budget analyst checks the funding, and its validity, predicts the probable costs and outcomes, and then gives comments. The budget of a department will increase or decrease based on this suggestion.

What Is the Educational Qualification Of A Budget Analyst?

You must have specific requirements to build your budget analyst career. First, you have to have an educational background in commerce. You have to pass through four years of an honors degree in finance, economics, accounting, financial management, statistics, or other commerce-related subjects. Then one year of post-graduation in commercial matters.

Though you can apply to companies with a graduation degree in a business-related subject, many companies require higher educational backgrounds.

Commercial subjects are essential because you will know research, budget analysis, and plans.

Skills You Need To Become A Budget Analyst

Budget analysis is not a handy job to be done. This thing comes with a massive amount of numbers, addition, division, etc. That’s why you need to have some unique skills in this field.

Numerical Ability

It is the ability that helps you to solve numerical problems. You need a good command of math and experience in using database software.

Problem Solving Ability

The solution is necessary after finding a problem from research. A practical solution to a problem lets the high authority see the profit or reduce the overflow of money. If the key is futile, you are free to give alternative solutions that may bear well to the organization.

Writing Skills

You have to give your findings a visible form in detail, which is in your mind after providing effort in researching, finding problems and solutions. Your written papers help the corporation decide what to do and what to not.


To sum up, not only is this type of job complex, but also challenging. If you are looking for a job to utilize your skill and creativity, then the budget analyst job is the one to go for.