Since the house price have risen by 1.1% in April, homeowners who are choosing to sell are finding it increasingly harder to sell their properties as prospective buyers clamp down on exactly what a new house can bring them. Alongside the bathroom, the kitchen is a huge selling point in your property. However, there are some kitchen features that could dramatically reduce the value of your property- or worse, make you lose out on a sale. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top 5 kitchen accessories that could decrease the value of your property.

1. Kitchen Islands:

In contemporary style homes, kitchen islands have become a staple piece of the design that has been pushed on us by interior influences. Prepared to offer us more working space and an area to socialise, kitchen islands became a must-have kitchen addition for prospective buyers. However, the notion of open-plan kitchen spaces are sometimes a short-lived dream, as if you don’t have a relatively large kitchen space, then this can make your home look extremely cramped.

2. Bad Lighting:

No matter where you are in the house, efficient lighting is an absolute necessity. However, in the kitchen, it’s of upmost importance that you have adequate lighting. In the kitchen lighting is vital, as it’s not only a way to modernise the space, but it’s also essential for practical functions. Bright overhead lighting can look quite clinical in a kitchen, especially if you have gone for a white- themed interior. Alternatively, just having spotlights in your kitchen may bring a specific ambiance, but they can also make the kitchen look rather dimly lit.

3. Bold Colours:

There’s a general rule of thumb that when you’re selling your property, your home should appear as a blank canvas so that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in the property. However, if you use bold colours, this may be a turn-off for anyone with a potential interest in your property.

4. Chaotic Drawers:

If you have prospective buyers coming to view your house, then your kitchen drawers may be a point of temptation for them to look in. However, if prospective buyers can’t resist having a nosey in your drawers, then you may want to make sure that your drawers aren’t overcrowded, as this may lead prospective buyers to think that there isn’t enough storage room in the kitchen, which could put them off buying a property.

5. Too Much Shelving:

Although open shelving is a necessity in the home and is a way to add texture and personality to a kitchen, it can also be a red flag for prospective buyers and decrease the value of your property when it comes to selling. This is because the exposed shelving can look rather unsightly, and although it’s supposed to be an alternative to clunky kitchen cupboards, shelving can often look rather unsightly. Therefore, if you do have open shelves and have things on them, it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of items on them.

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