Hosting a party for family or colleagues isn’t always easy. There are dozens of things to manage, food, decorations, activities and supplies. Make your job a little easier with pizza catering. Getting your pizzas ordered and delivered on time for your party is even simpler when you order from the app or online. Schedule ahead and don’t worry anymore about the food.

Catering For Any Special Event

Pizza goes on every menu for any special gathering. From birthday parties to rehearsal dinners, you just can’t go wrong with pizza. Get vegetarian pizzas for your friends who eat plant based. Order meat lover’s pizzas for big appetites. Got a few kids coming? They’ll love cheese or pepperoni pizzas. Multiply the number of guests by 3/8 to get the average number of pizzas to order. We recommend adding one or two to the menu, just in case. If they don’t get eaten, you’ll have leftovers for lunch the next day when no one feels like cooking or cleaning up.

Stepping It Up From Pizza

Pizza is a popular party food, but if you want to give your guests more, include some wings or breadsticks with your order. Papa Bites make great appetizers to keep guests from starving while everyone straggles in. No one’s going to care that Uncle Mike is late when they can enjoy chicken parmesan or jalapeno bits wrapped in yummy dough. Wondering how to get free pizza when you order pizza? Collect Papa Dough through your pizza rewards account to get cash savings on your next order.

Impressing Your Guests

Pizza and wings can be impressive on the table, especially when people are hungry. If you really want your guest to be impressed, get a few salads to share and make sure to get dessert. Everyone will love the cinnamon pull aparts or chocolate chip cookie that is cut like a pizza. Have a wide selection of drinks with your order and no one is going to care that the menu is casual. Comfort food is always a good choice when feeding a group. Even people who may be following a special diet can indulge with the right pizzas. You may even be able to slip in a few vegetables on your kid’s plates.

Large Orders Are Our Specialty

Find a wide range of mix and match pizza deals that will feed 10 to 15 people. Get five large one-topping pizzas plus bread sides and desserts. Customize your order to feed everyone on the guest list. You get what you want to feed even your pickiest eaters. Everyone loves pizza, so you won’t go wrong by ordering your food ahead of time to make your life simpler. When you order ahead, you don’t have to worry about overwhelming your caterer with a large last-minute order. You have time to think about your choices to make sure you’ve got everyone covered. If you do need to add one or two extras, it’s easy to place an extra order. Put pizza on the menu for your next party.