Stand Out with Custom Shirts and T-shirts

Are you looking for unique ways to boost your brand recognition?

Sometimes signage isn’t enough to make your business stand out from the competition.

Creating a strong social media presence is an effective way of introducing your business to consumers, but it also helps to have a physical presence.

What about getting help from your employees and customers?

Have you considered using custom-printed shirts to boost your brand recognition?

However, before ordering shirts it’s a good idea to know what to look for in a printing source.

Quality Matters

Quality is key when using shirts and t-shirts to advertise your business, and it starts with the material. While most custom shirt printing is done on cotton, not all fabrics are the same.

The thread count and manufacturing process affect the fabric quality. 

It also determines how long the printed shirt lasts. Lower-quality fabric tends to develop tiny pills (lint balls) that can make the material look cheap, even when the best custom shirt printing process is used. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about material quality. Remember, the shirts are being used to promote your brand and you want to make a positive first impression. 

Decide on the Design

It can be tempting to create unique designs for your shirts. While creativity can help your brand stand out, you also want to consider who will be wearing the printed shirts. 

Your employees and customers may enjoy wearing shirts without your brand’s name or logo, but it does little to advertise your business. 

The goal of this advertising method is to ensure everyone is familiar with your business name.

It means tshirt printing with your business name or logo. 

You can use both or choose between them. The decision is up to you.

If you do not have a business logo, now may be the perfect time to design one. You can use your employees and customers to introduce your new logo to the public.

Printing Quality

Not all t-shirt printing processes are equal. Some are better than others.

For example, the type of ink used to print your design on the shirt. You want the design to last for more than a couple of washes. 

You don’t want your loyal customers wearing poorly printed shirts. Instead of proudly wearing your t-shirt, it may end up in a drawer or being used as a cleaning rag. 

Creating custom shirts typically involves using screens to print your chosen design. 

To ensure your design stays looking like new, make sure the printer uses ink specifically designed for fabric.

Finding a T-shirt Printing Company

Finding a company or individual to print your custom business t-shirts takes a little research.

You want to avoid the disadvantages that come with poor-quality fabrics, inks, and the printing process.

Ask other business owners whom they use to create their shirts. 

Most business owners are more than happy to share the information.

Checking with your local schools and volunteer organizations can also help you find the ideal printer for your shirts.