Lab diamonds are man-made diamonds which are created in a laboratory. They have some of the same properties as natural diamonds, such as purity, lustre and thermal conductivity, but they don’t undergo any natural formation processes during the formation of these crystals. Though lab diamond prices are usually very high compared to real ones just because it is also purer and has better clarity. The process to make man-made diamonds is a long and expensive one with several steps that involve dozens of steps each.

What is a lab diamond vs a real diamond?

Below is some information to help you understand the lab diamond vs the real diamond.

1. Lab Diamonds will Cost Much More.

Lab diamonds usually cost more than their natural counterparts because they are considered to be purer and better quality. While natural diamonds go through processes that allow them to be formed millions of years ago, lab-created ones are created in a laboratory under controlled conditions.

2. Lab Diamonds have a Higher Refractive Index.

The refractive index of lab diamonds is usually higher than that of real ones. It measures the way that light bends in the diamond which gives them the brilliance for which diamonds are famous for.

3. Lab Diamond won’t Last as Long.

Because lab diamonds are made in a laboratory, they don’t last as long compared to real ones. If you compare the 100 years of life that a natural diamond can have and the 20-30 years you get from lab diamonds (this is normally the exception), it’s easy to see why their price is high.

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Man Made Diamond Buying Guide” deals from

1. Ask for discount

The wholesale prices for man-made diamonds are usually very high, meaning that you will probably get a discount if you buy in large quantities. The lab-created diamonds are normally of higher quality and much more expensive than their natural counterparts.

2. Ask for warranty

A manufacturer of man-made diamonds guarantees that the product is free of defects, meaning that they will replace it if it breaks or needs adjustment in the first year of purchase. It is an advantage if you can return the product to get your money back so that you can buy another one. This applies to all products made by Man Made Diamond manufacturers, not just lab-created ones.

3. Look for security and approval

The manufacturer should have a refund policy in place and be willing to offer customer satisfaction, so look for one that has a secure website as well as approval by legitimate organizations. Buying your man-made diamonds from a company that is not credible will be like throwing money away.

4. Look at life expectancy

Some lab-created diamonds are estimated to last only up to 20-30 years while others can last up to 100 years before they start turning black. It is important for you to pick the one that will suit your needs so you don’t end up with something that does not last long and you are still paying more money for it.

5. Compare the price

The lab-created diamonds’ wholesale price is usually very high, so compare prices from different manufacturers to make sure that you are getting the product for your money.
6. Test it out

Ask for a test certificate or report of analysis when buying man-made diamonds so that you will know how durable the product is.

7. Compare size and shape.

The size and shape of lab-created diamonds are not random but have a specific set of measurements used by jewellers in order to make sure that they are using the right sized stone to fit with the mounting they will use on it. The usual shapes of man-made diamonds used in jewellery are round, square and princess as well as heart shapes which are very popular on engagement rings.

What do man-made diamonds cost?

The cost of man-made diamonds cost is often high because they are of better quality than natural diamonds. Some of them are also shaped according to the specifications of jewellers, which are not available when buying a rough stone. It is important for you to know that there is no middle ground when it comes to man-made diamond cost, meaning that you either buy it at a very high price or you look for a synthetic one which could compromise on quality and durability. The cost range of man-made diamonds is about $4,300-$12,000 to make depending on the supplier, manufacturer or jewellery designer.


Lab diamonds, man-made diamonds and real diamonds are all valuable because of their rarity and beauty. Because of the way they are created and their cost, the lab diamonds’ wholesale price is usually very high compared to natural ones. Natural diamonds can last up to 100 years, but lab-created ones have an estimated lifespan of about 20-30 years before they start turning black. You have to make sure that you buy from a reliable company or designer if you want something that will last longer and also look great as well.