This extraordinary, international organization was established in 2001. In the country of footballer Robert Lewandowski and Pope John Paul II – in Poland. The organization makes people around the world smile more. Meet the Good Humor Party

A cheerful organization with a global reach

3 smiles a day – this is membership fee of the Good Humor Party. For optimists, people with a positive attitude towards life who often smile – it’s not much. Maybe because this organization is not about money, but about smiling regularly – everyone is nice to each other. And who makes people smile more? People from the entertainment, humor and satire industries.

It is not surprising that among the party’s members there are many satirists and caricaturists from different countries of the world. But not only. It doesn’t matter where they live, how old they are, what profession and skin color they have.

The Good Humor Party was founded in Poland

Poland is one of the European countries. Its capital is the city of Warsaw. This is where the headquarters of the organization is located, because this is where the satirist who invented it lives.

Szczepan Sadurski has been making other people happy for many years. He creates cheerful drawings that are published by the press, for over 20 years he was the publisher of several magazines with humor and jokes. Dobry Humor (Good Humor) monthly was established in 1991 and today we call it cult.

Currently, Sadurski creates humorous portals on the Internet, but he is best known for his caricatures. He is an event caricaturist. Every few days he is invited to ceremonies, during which he creates witty portraits. He drew in Poland and other European countries, also in America and Australia. He sees smiling faces at work all the time. They say he is one of the fastest caricaturists in the world, because he only needs 100 seconds or less to create one cheerful portrait!

Happy Skyscraper – what is that?

In 2012, Happy Skyscraper, a symbol of the Good Humor Party, debuted. In October, he was photographed in Manhattan, New York City, soon after in Spain, England, Germany and other countries. The smallest skyscraper in the world with a smiling logo is still traveling. To date, it has been photographed in about 70 countries around the world, on all continents. Wherever he goes, he brings joy and smiles.

How to photograph the Happy Skyscraper? All you need to do is download the model from the Internet, cut and glue it and then take it for a walk or take it on a long or short trip. Why do it? To cheer up other people. And to become a member of the Good Humor Party! To be among an elite group of people from different countries who would like to see as much joy and smile as possible in the world.