When we talk about online casinos, you might have various names in your mind, some better than others. Though there are a variety of online casinos, most of them lack essential features. 

So if you are searching for a high-end casino with all sorts of unique features, enjoyable games, and incredible bonuses, then Mega888 is the casino you should opt for. The casino has everything one could ask for. You want games they have, and you want bonuses and incentives. They have it all for the players. 

The best part about Mega888 is the layout of the casino; the overall design, which includes the colour contrast, borders, and overall structure, is unbeatable when compared to other online casinos. But should you play at a casino for its beautiful layout? Of course not! That’s just absurd. 

So if you are looking to learn more about the features that are exquisite about Mega888, then keep reading. This article will cover some of the features which will tell you exactly why you should try playing at Mega888. Let’s get started!

Mega888 Test ID Like No Other

If you are looking for features online, LSM99 has loads of them. The first prominent feature that Mega888 has is the Test IDs for the players, which can be used to test out the casino for free. Most other online casinos are pay-to-play, which means you won’t get anything for free, and you would have to play to get yourself anything. 

However, this is not the case with Mega888. The casino believes that it’s vital for the players to test the games first before actually placing money on them. And let’s be honest; one should get familiar with the algorithm before placing real hard-earned money on it. 

There are several test IDs available, each offering players a dummy ID in which they can test out the casino for themselves. Testing doesn’t cost a penny to the players, and most of them enjoy playing with the test IDs, especially when they want to test out new games.

The usernames are available from “test1” to “test10000”; you have around ten thousand test IDs for the players. The password of all the test IDs is “Aa1234”. One can play with the test IDs for as long as they like, and if you run out of credits, feel free to change the ID and grab another to continue your casino experience. 

All the games are available with test IDs as they would have been available with regular IDs. Though there is no harm with the test IDs at Mega888, one still doesn’t get a penny out for the efforts they are putting into games. So whenever you play with Test IDs at Mega888, ensure that you are well aware that it’s all for fun and no gains.

The “Best” Customer Support Team

When we talk about the features of Mega888, it’s worth mentioning the customer support team that the online casino has for all of its players. A customer support team plays a vital role at an online casino since there is no other way for a player to communicate with the casino and share their problems, suggestions, queries or anything else with the casino.

The customer support team available at Mega888 is commendable when handling a particular problem given by a player. The team is highly knowledgeable and has the answer to every question that the player provides. The best part about the customer support team has to be its responsiveness to the team that they deliver to the players. 

The answers to the team’s questions are almost instantaneous if asked on the live chat. However, there are different modes of communication at Mega888, some faster than others. So whenever you are looking forward to answers, then it’s best to know the media and which one you should use to get yourself in touch with the team. 

Some of the standard communication mediums are mentioned at the Mega888, but if you are someone who’s looking for a formal answer, then email is your best option. However, if you are looking for a fast response, go live chat. Overall, the casino’s customer support team is simply brilliant compared to teams available at other online casinos

You can also communicate with the customer support team through Skype and Telegram, but it all comes down to one’s preferences and comfort level with different platforms. Nonetheless, the team is right there available for the players 24/7 so whenever there’s a query or a problem, Mega888 is there for the players.

Security At The Online Casino 

Security completes an online casino, and for a casino like Mega888, having top-notch security is a must. If the casino lacks protection, it’s a flaw, and for players, it’s a reason not to play at the online casino. However, Mega888 takes such things seriously and has established a security system that is hard to beat.

The brand prioritises security, spending most of its budget on online safety. There are no cases reported so far regarding account hacking, and players seem to have a fun and entertaining experience at the online casino. The accounts are safe, and so is the personal information given by the players to the casino.

The casino uses a 128-bit encryption algorithm with two-factor authentication; combining both will give you a casino you can not mess with. The servers are encrypted with uncrackable algorithms, which means no matter how hard one tries, one can’t bypass the security system unless the players themselves let them.

Furthermore, hackers can’t hack anything from the online casino, and the firewall available at the front of the casino keeps all the malware away from the online casino. Mega888 is an online casino licensed and backed by some of the best online licensing platforms; these platforms ensure that Mega888 gets the security it deserves without any chances of getting hacked. 


If you want a casino that offers you a smooth and premium gambling experience then Mega888 is the casino to go with. The casino has everything a player can ask for and is one of the best online casinos one can go with. Click here “game mega888 senang menang” to explore the games with a high payout.