WPS Academy offers an array of official online office tutorials that will help you become an expert user of Microsoft’s suite. These video training courses are designed for quick ingestion and application, regardless of your level of expertise.

If you must revise documents in multiple formats, ensure your platform can easily manage them all. Doing so will save time and frustration in the long run.


WPS Academy is an online office suite that provides a range of tools. It’s one of the popular alternatives to Microsoft Office as it includes free versions of WPS Writer, PowerPoint and Spreadsheets. Plus it boasts an user-friendly interface which makes navigating easier. If you want an effortless way to make your work more efficient then this app has everything you need!

The best part is that it works across various operating systems and devices – you can even use it offline! Furthermore, it comes with 1GB of cloud storage – ample for most of your files and documents.

That is why WPS has become such a staple of the office. The suite is secure and free from viruses or malware, making it an affordable solution for businesses of any size. Plus, those new to writing software will find this an ideal starting point.

The official WPS Academy site provides a wealth of helpful tutorials to get you up and running with the software. Videos demonstrate basic functions as well as articles that offer tips for increased productivity; even more complex functions are covered in more depth via videos. With so much knowledge at your disposal, getting started with WPS won’t be a chore!


Spreadsheets are computer programs that store, organize and manipulate data organized in rows and columns. The input can be numerical or short text strings; they’re commonly used for managing finances, tracking expenses, keeping track of sales and inventory levels, among other tasks.

These programs are popular because they make data organization and analysis simple. Furthermore, they can be utilized to generate reports and presentations that give businesses or other organizations a deeper insight into their information.

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet software, but there are other programs that can also be utilized to create one. Popular options include OpenOffice Calc and Google Docs.

One of the most useful functions in spreadsheets is formulas, which allow you to add, subtract, multiply or divide numbers across columns and rows. To do this, select a cell in your column or row where you wish to apply the calculation and type in an equation starting with an equals sign (=), followed by letters or numbers separated by symbols representing what kind of calculation it will be.

Another essential feature in spreadsheets is the option for automatic recalculation. This feature automatically updates values that change in cells it controls without needing a user to ask the program to do so manually, making complex calculations or observing how changes to stored values affect calculated ones much simpler.

Excel also permits users to visualize the relationship between variables within a spreadsheet. This makes it simpler for individuals to develop models, as they can navigate through cell connections while viewing their logical roots and branches.

Visualizing cell relationships and their dependencies is a major advantage in spreadsheets, as it enables people to quickly diagnose problems and find solutions. Furthermore, this reduces the risk of error since errors can be identified and corrected before the program has finished running.

Spreadsheets have the unique capability of visualizing cell relationships, making them popular as an end-user development tool (EUD). EUD refers to activities or techniques in which nonprogrammers create automated behavior and complex data objects like computer programs or systems without extensive programming experience.

Drawing Graphs

WPS Academy’s official online office tutorials are an ideal way to learn how to utilize your favorite suite of tools. Their free video tutorials are user-friendly and include plenty of tips, tricks, and best practices that you can watch as often as desired. What’s more? WPS Academy boasts a large community of users where questions can be asked and answers provided by others who have been there before. Plus, with free membership you’ll gain access to their extensive library of training materials – perfect for taking your learnings further!

WPS Office suite can be daunting, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll be well on your way to productivity success in no time.


WPS Academy provides interactive online office tutorials that are user friendly and offer comprehensive skill development. These videos are easy to absorb and apply, making them suitable for both newcomers and professionals alike. These videos help users become more efficient at work while increasing productivity levels.

WPS Academy’s office suites are compatible with any operating system, including Windows and Android devices. Furthermore, these soft-wares are safe, free from malware or viruses. They come equipped with features like spreadsheets and graphs which can be easily downloaded at no cost for free use.

They are compatible with most file formats, including Microsoft Office files and PDFs. This makes it simpler for users to revise their documents on-the-go. Furthermore, they can upload them directly into the cloud or save them directly from their account. They may even share these files through DocHub – a web platform that makes editing and revising any document format easy.

Additionally, WPS Office boasts an extensive library of tutorials to teach you all the essential skills required for effective usage. These include WPS Spreadsheet, Presentation and Writer proficiency levels.

Additionally, WPS Office offers an array of free video courses that will teach you how to create presentations, convert words into PDFs, extract images from a WPS PDF and edit Word documents. Furthermore, you can learn how to draw graphs and use WPS Office for chart creation.

With these free video tutorials, you can quickly gain all the basic and advanced skills necessary to work efficiently in WPS Office. You could even take your career to the next level by becoming a certified WPS expert!