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Additionally, the website contains all the other information that customers can need for their absorption. IDGOD Company does not promise to deliver the fake ID cards immediately after orders are confirmed. Customers should wait for at least a week before their cards are delivered to their doorstep. Therefore, customers should not worry about making a physical appearance in the company offices. Everything can be ordered from the website and delivered to the clients on the doorstep.

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The image must be straight showing both ears perfectly and without defects. The backgrounds should be clear without many colors. However, the IDGOD experts can work on the background and other features, the positioning of the heat cannot be corrected if it is wrong in the picture. The customer has a role in defining the quality of the fake di card made form the company. However, IDGOD will not accept any image that does not satisfy the administrators as the best image for the fake di card. The company does not take chances in making fake ID cards that would be nabbed at the next checkup point.

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